6 Month Check In

It’s July already! Where did the time go? Since we’re just over halfway through 2013, I thought it would be a good time to check in with my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m feeling good about my progress so far:

Personal Goals

  • Graduate with my MBA – CHECK
  • Find a great full-time job- CHECK (I start today)
  • Make at least one international trip- CHECK (Milan and London)
  • Read more books (like maybe 10 for the year)- working on it, but off pace

Fitness Goals

  • Run another half marathon- CHECK (Colonial Half Marathon)
  • Push myself to run faster- I’ve been going up and down in pace, but I’m definitely faster than last year
  • Lead a successful Yorktown Victory Run (I’m the race director)- CHECK
  • Learn the Pilates Reformer- CHECK (I love it)
  • Add more variety to my fitness routine- CHECK (I’ve tried both yoga and Crossfit and hopefully I can make them regular parts of my routine)
  • Continue to make weight loss progress, and continue to stabalize my nutrional routine- I think I’m making baby steps with this (I’ve gone up and down a little because of some vacations, etc)  but I think having a full time job will help me stabilize my routine further

Cooking Goals

  • Make a successful challah bread- nope
  • Broaden my savory dish repertoire- a little bit
  • Try at least 3 new techniques like making marshmallows or risotto, or cooking with a new ingredient like tofu- CHECK on the marshmallows, and I made vegetarian dumplings with my mom
  • Cook more dinners at home rather than using places like Panera as my dinner option too often- CHECK, lately I’ve only been eating dinner out maybe twice a week tops, otherwise I make my own dinner

And let’s see how accurate my horoscope for 2013 from Yahoo was:

2013 brings you sweeping change and intensity, Virgo. The biggest transformation takes place in the realm of the mind. Communication, correspondence and courses of new study carry great importance. Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, is spending a good chunk of time in the sector of your chart ruling the mental realms and communication. If you’re not already a powerful public speaker, teacher or writer, get ready to discover your latent potential to sway the masses with your power of speech! You’re also hungry for knowledge in 2013, and will want to strengthen your skill set and beef up your resume with even more knowledge than you possess naturally.

I can’t say this is word for word accurate, but I think it corresponds well to my transition from grad school to a new promising job. I love horoscopes!

So the moral of the story is that I need to make Challah bread, continue to improve with my weight management goals, and hit the books hard. I think I can do that in six months!

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