Texting 101

When girls get text messages from guys..

Ok girls, let’s all admit that when we get a text message we overanalyze.  If you check out the webpage above it gives a run down of exactly how much we analyze a silly text from a boy.  I was sent this chart from my friend, Steph, after many conversations with her about advice for texting boys.  She says that when you think about him, you should text him.  I have been following her advice since she told me that, and it seems to be working.  As women, we put all these underlying meanings in a simple text, when men just don’t give texts the time of day.  My conclusion from this texting chart is that if a guy is texting you, it’s a good thing!  Don’t over think it.

Wallflower Syndrome

This weekend I went to see the much anticipated Perks of Being a Wallflower.  It was a moving story about a freshmen boy who was not accepted by his classmates.  He was adopted into a group of seniors who were an “island of misfit toys.”  This movie was extremely thought provoking and I recommend it to anyone that wants to reflect on their own lives.  I have been reflecting on my own life and realize that I just might have suffered from Wallflower Syndrome myself at some point and maybe still do.

1.  Fitting In

It’s so difficult to figure out where you fit in.  I have a lot of different groups of friends and can’t say that I have one particular group that I fall into.  Right now, I have been struggling with the fact that I don’t have a significant other.  Most of my friends are in serious relationships or married.  While there are times where I wish that I had someone to share moments with, I have to remember that I fit in no matter what.  My friends like me for who I am, and my relationship status does not define me.

2.  Enjoying Life’s Moments

Don’t let life pass you by.  You can’t take the moments that you have with anyone for granted.  Last month, my friend’s 38-year old sister passed away and reminded me that life is too short.  If you want to make your life count, you have to take chances.  Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to make things happen.

3.  “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

This is the best line from the movie.  It might be hard to swallow, but it’s the truth.  I often wonder why I have not experienced falling in love yet.  I let this quote settle into my mind and think about the experiences I have had with others.  Maybe I don’t think I deserve love.  I look around and see that I have so many things to be grateful for.  Maybe I am scared of love because if I find it, my life will be perfect.  You can’t upgrade from perfect and that scares me.  I am scared of failure.  I shield myself from falling in love because it is the one thing that will make my life perfect.  And nothing is perfect.

The Way to My Heart

I used to primarily crush on the five members of *NSYNC.  I memorized their favorite colors and their birthdays, and I probably still know them by heart.  If it wasn’t *NSYNC it was another pop star or professional athlete.  Now the times are changing, and I’m changing with them.  Chefs are the new celebrities and I’ve got my eye on a few.  My culinary equivalent to *NSYNC is:

1. Tyler Florence

2. Tom Colicchio

3. Michael Symon

4. Fabio Viviani

5. Dale Talde

I know that they are lacking the creative hairstyles of the boy bands of the past.  But these guys can cook!  And they’re really funny!  It’s a good thing I’m back in school because I have some new names to start doodling in my notebook…

What chefs are your favorites?