Top Three of Kennebunkport, ME

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of going to Kennebunkport, Maine. If you are asking yourself, where have I heard about this place before, here is the answer. It is the place where the Bush family spends their summer among many other places I am sure. It is a quaint little town that will bring pure relaxation and pleasure to your life. With a view of the shoreline and the sweet smell of the ocean air, it is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life. We stayed at The Beach House (1), which I highly recommend. There is a cocktail hour in the afternoon where you can enjoy a glass of port or brandy, or simply just a cup of tea. They also serve breakfast in the morning to all their guests. The staff makes you feel at home and are very accommodating to your needs.
I also recommend Joshua’s Restaurant (2) for a classy dinner. They feature the trifecta: always freshness first, organic or natural second, local or from Maine third. With a combination like this, the dishes are delightful to the tastebuds. Their creations are pure perfection. You can check their menu here.

As we headed back to Boston, we stopped at the Maine Diner (3). It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. They specialize in breakfast dishes that feature Maine lobster and Maine blueberries. It’s inexpensive and a great way to start the day. Wherever you decide to stay or eat in Kennebunkport, I can ensure you will be one happy customer if you take my suggestion.

Top 3 February Flea Market Finds

One of the things I love to do is to go shopping at local flea markets or antique marts.  I often find things at great prices.  Last month, I did found a few things to add to my collections.  Here are the top three.IMG_0884
This chef utensil holder was a bit more than what I would have liked to pay for it at $25. But where can you find something with as much character these days? They just don’t make ceramics like they used to.
Martha Stewart would be jealous of this batter bowl find. At $25, it was a steal. It just happens to match the paint color of my new pantry area. This area of the house is almost complete. I will update you with pictures as soon as the project is completed.
These chef salt and pepper shakers were irresistible at $10. The lady who sold them to me took $2 off the ticketed price and I didn’t even ask for a discount. Don’t be shy when at a flea market or antique mart. It is standard operating procedure to ask for a 10% discount. Often at a flea market, you can haggle your way to the price you are willing to pay as well. Sometimes the sellers are just looking to unload their treasures, especially in this economy. Get out there and find some hidden treasures of your own!

Top 3 Sophie Kinsella Books

One of my favorite authors is Sophie Kinsella.  She also writes under another name, Madeline Wickham.  My fascination with this author all started back in 2003 when a co-worker at the golf club told me that I should read the Shopaholic Series.  I took her recommendation and started my summer reading list out with the first book in the series.  After reading the first chapter, I was hooked.  Her writing is witty and clever and always has a romantic plot line.  It’s the perfect recipe for a fantastic read.  Here are my top three favorites.

1. The Undomestic Goddess – This is a story about a lawyer who has to start a new career as a housekeeper.

2. Confessions of a Shopaholic – You might know this one as the movie where Isla Fisher plays Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopaholic who writes a finance column about how to manage money even though she can’t manage any money of her own.

3. I’ve Got Your Number – Her most recent novel about a recently engaged Poppy who finds out that her fiancé might not be the one she was meant to live the rest of her life with.

Her new novel, Wedding Night,  comes out in April.  Check any one of her books out for yourself.  I guarantee you will enjoy it if you life chic lit!