Top 3 February Flea Market Finds

One of the things I love to do is to go shopping at local flea markets or antique marts.  I often find things at great prices.  Last month, I did found a few things to add to my collections.  Here are the top three.IMG_0884
This chef utensil holder was a bit more than what I would have liked to pay for it at $25. But where can you find something with as much character these days? They just don’t make ceramics like they used to.
Martha Stewart would be jealous of this batter bowl find. At $25, it was a steal. It just happens to match the paint color of my new pantry area. This area of the house is almost complete. I will update you with pictures as soon as the project is completed.
These chef salt and pepper shakers were irresistible at $10. The lady who sold them to me took $2 off the ticketed price and I didn’t even ask for a discount. Don’t be shy when at a flea market or antique mart. It is standard operating procedure to ask for a 10% discount. Often at a flea market, you can haggle your way to the price you are willing to pay as well. Sometimes the sellers are just looking to unload their treasures, especially in this economy. Get out there and find some hidden treasures of your own!

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