Five Things

I haven’t mastered in the kitchen:

1. Challah Bread. I am still trying to develop a good working relationship with yeast.  I’ve heard that making challah bread is difficult, but I don’t think my dough rose enough before I baked it.

2. Caramel.  I either under cook it so the sugar isn’t really melted all the way, or I burn it. Maybe I should get a candy thermometer.

3. White Mountain (or seven minute) Frosting.  Sometimes I pour the hot mixture into the egg whites too quickly and the frosting falls flat, and sometimes I pick a bad recipe that seems doomed from the start.  I will get this one eventually.

4. Rice. This one seems simple but I can’t do it. I’ve only tried a handful of times and I always feel like it’s under done or over done.  i think the problem is that I don’t eat or make a lot of rice, and I’ve never put much research into the proper method.  On the plus side, I’m not really picky about the done-ness of rice so it doesn’t keep me up at night.

5. Pie Crust.  This is for two reasons: 1. it intimidates me, and 2. it’s not my job in my family.  My mother spent years perfecting her pie crust (psst- she uses actual lard), so I don’t try to steal her thunder. In our family we tend to divide and conquer.  I don’t try to make apple pies because that’s my Mom’s jurisdiction, and she doesn’t make pancakes or granola.

What are you still having trouble with in the kitchen?