My Top Ten Songs of 2015

When a great new song comes out I have a bad habit of listening to it non-stop for days or weeks at a time until I get completely sick of it. Every single time I think to myself- there will never be a new song as good as this one. These are the songs that made me feel that way in 2015:

I will caveat this list by saying these are not necessarily the most beautiful or profound songs of the year (i.e. Adele isn’t on the list). But these songs got me through my daily commute, some very long drives, and about 300 workouts, and that’s all I need.

Last Five

Songs I downloaded from iTunes. Taking a break from the Christmas playlist.

  1. Hello by Adele. Duh.
  2. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. Apparently if JB is singing it, I’m buying it. This one is a lot more scaled back than some of his recent EDM hits.
  3. One Love by Marianas Trench. I think I was looking up a different Marianas Trench song and I saw that this song just came out so of course I needed it.
  4. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy. I’ve heard this on the radio several times, but hearing it in spin class really convinced to add it to my workout mix. Fall Out Boy is just so reliable.
  5. In the Night by The Weeknd. This song sounds like the story to an 80’s movie to me. He has an interesting combination of songs that are derogatory towards women, and songs that are supportive to women in his repertoire. I like his stuff in general but the jury is still out overall.


Last Five

Songs I’ve downloaded from iTunes. This is, “I need some new stuff for my workout mix” edition.

1. Sorry by Justin Bieber. I’m really liking the new Biebs vibe.

2. Booty by Jennifer Lopez, feat. Pitbull. This song comes in two versions with different rappers: Iggy Azalea, or Pitbull. I chose Pitbull. I think it was the right decision. It’s a funny addition to the mix.

3. Something in the Way You Move by Ellie Goulding. Even though her style has kind of a mellow vibe, I think they make great workout songs. If you don’t get it, turn the volume up.

4. Roses by The Chainsmokers feat. ROZES. This completes my trio of choices that border on EDM. Again, sort of mellow, but it’s a great running song if you need to zone out.

5. Ayo by Chris Brown feat. Tyga. This is a summer jam that I heard at the gym a lot this past summer. I just kept forgetting to download it. So I finally did, and I’m happy about it. Chris Brown has gone through some phases over the years, but I definitely like his music more often than not.

The Chainsmokers