Throw Back Music Videos

I can waste some serious time watching music videos on YouTube, and while there’s a lot of artsy stuff going on out there, I think we can all recognize that the best videos are from the veterans. I would argue that the music video hay day was in the late 90’s, early 2000’s when TRL on MTV was a way of life. Below are three of my faves from the early 2000’s who are still killing it today. I can’t get enough.

Classic Britney with “Make Me.” I love having the scandalous story line, the same outfits that she’s been wearing for 20 years, and the dancing that is basically a series of stripper poses.

Loving J-Lo in this “Back It Up” video that’s a few months old now. Even though Prince Royce is the headliner, I think J-Lo is really in her element. I want her white dress from the video.

This new “No Limit” video from Usher is my favorite music video going right now. I love everything about it- the song, the dancing, the swagger- he’s still got it!

What are you watching?


Golden Globes 2016: Best and Worst

Awards Season 2016- here we go! I thought the Golden Globes carpet was relatively reserved this year. Not too many crazy facing statement, and not a ton of skin. There were a few plunging neck lines, but more clavicle than cleavage in general. We got all the requisites- 100% beads, Grecian draping, all metallic, retro nods, bright red… Not a ton of overarching trends but there was a lot of red and a lot of etherial looks with the lace, scattered bling, and tulle. All in all a good solid start to Awards Season.

As always the pics are from


Sadie Dishes- 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Jennifer Lopez all day! I’m a little blown away because she looks fabulous and her dress is completely opaque! She left her sheer blinged out bodysuit at home tonight. I love that it’s conservative but very flattering, and nod to the retro with the yellow tone.

Sadie Dishes- 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Jane Fonda is EVERYTHING! I love a fashion statement that is actually really pretty. I also love that Jane Fonda is making this statement and not a Zendaya or Amy Adams.

Sadie Dishes- NBC's "73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals

Kate Winslet is understated but fabulous. I think she makes an effort to be understated on the carpet and steers away from anything very sexy or fashion forward. It’s a fine line between chic and boring, and she’s really pulling off the chic tonight!

Sadie Dishes- 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 10 Jan 2016

Emmy Rossum in red perfection by Armani Prive! This dress looks like it was made for her. I also love the lip and the funky but subtle necklace. Perfect!


Sadie Dishes- 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Leslie Mann erring on etherial. I think this dress looks unfinished, like they forgot to add embellishment to the bodice. The silhouette is not my favorite, but I think it would have been do-able if the fabric above the waist had a little more drape or there was a better necklace. It looks too stiff up top. Not really loving the color on her either.

Sadie Dishes- 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Amanda Peet being Amanda Peet. She is never my favorite. She often does a drop waist 1920’s silhouette and I don’t love it. It’s not her worst but it’s not my favorite. I would love her to do something different like full on Hollywood glam just once.

Sadie Dishes- 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Amy Schumer is a little too boring. I love Amy Schumer and I get the concept of the look. I think she wants to do something basic to play by rules but keep a low fashion profile. I just want to see her in something a little more interesting and little less prom.

Sadie Dishes- CA: 73rd Golden Globe Awards Arrivals

Heidi Klum is a flapper flop. I find this dress neither flattering nor pretty. If anything it gives a saggy look. Her makeup and jewelry can use some help too. We can do better Heidi.

Who were your best and worst?

My Top Ten Songs of 2015

When a great new song comes out I have a bad habit of listening to it non-stop for days or weeks at a time until I get completely sick of it. Every single time I think to myself- there will never be a new song as good as this one. These are the songs that made me feel that way in 2015:

I will caveat this list by saying these are not necessarily the most beautiful or profound songs of the year (i.e. Adele isn’t on the list). But these songs got me through my daily commute, some very long drives, and about 300 workouts, and that’s all I need.