Winter Running Apparel

Even though it’s been unseasonably warm in the DC area the past few weeks, I’ve been getting ready for the colder weather workouts. Recently some of my friends have mentioned that they hang up their running shoes in the winter. I think, however, if you dress appropriately (and don’t live in Buffalo), you can run almost year ’round. I actually love running in cold weather because I find if I can’t feel my hips and thighs, I can’t feel any pain. It’s a workout and an ice bath all in one! As long as the sidewalks or paths are relatively clear of snow and ice, and the temperature is at least in the high 20s, I’m game!

For workout clothes in general I tend to wear a lot of Under Armour, Nike, and Athleta, but when it comes to running, I’m usually pretty loyal to Nike. I don’t have a very good reason, except everything stays put (a tall order for my inefficient form!) and is more comfortable and durable than any other brand.



I’m a fan of Nike running crops in general but their Epic Lux line of shorts, capris, crops, and pants is really awesome. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve realized there are two small details I can’t live without: 1. a drawstring to prevent the pants from falling down, and 2. a pocket for my keys. Those two details along with pants that just stay up in general make me a happy camper. You would be surprised how elusive that can be! Epic Lux items can be pricey, but if you keep your eyes on sales, you should be able to get a discount.

Long Sleeve Outer Layer


The quarter zip is a classic option for the outside layer. They usually vary in weight, so you want to pick a lighter weight for the fall and spring and a thicker one for the depths of winter. It can operate by itself in cold weather and be layered with an undershirt in even colder weather. I like this option from Nike because it’s sleek and functional. Most brands also have a basic quarter (or half) zip that start at about $50 and go up from there: Nike, Under Armour, Athleta.

Long Sleeve Base Layer


If it’s really chilly you’re going to want a long sleeve undershirt under your quarter zip or jacket. This shirt is as basic as it gets, and it’s the perfect weight for a base layer. The $28 price tag makes it easy too. If you want a low profile layering tank, check this out.



I’m breaking from Nike for this one, because I like this vest from Athleta. I personally do not find many occasions for a vest, but if I did, I think I would wear this one. It looks warm, but not too puffy which makes it easier to move.



I actually do not ever wear a hat in cold weather because I find it annoying, and if I’m not working out, it’s also because I always prioritize my hair. That said, I CANNOT live without gloves for a winter run. These from Nike are a good mid-weight, and are surprisingly more affordable than several other options in the running glove market place at $25. They also have tech friendly finger pads making it easy to deal with all of your running technology.

Look Good, Feel Good, Run Fast! Now you have no excuse!

PS- While we’re on the athletic apparel topic, I need these, right?


Converse Shopping

This blog is slowly turning into “stuff Sadie wants” but bear with me. I’ve had kind of a busy spring that has left little time for baking and other adventures, and I know Carrie has been busy getting the B&C ready to open for the summer. But I’m hoping for more diverse content this summer, so stay tuned!

On that note, I want new converse. Over the past probably five years or so, I’ve had personalized slip on Converse. The first pair was navy blue, and the second pair was grey. After a couple years of wear, they both eventually broke down and got a hole along one of the seams. So now I have my eye on a new customized pair.

This is what I’m thinking:


A mint color, gold eyestays, and a pink stripe on the back where my name goes. I think they’re fresh and fun, but still neutral enough to wear with most weekend outfits.


What do you think?


Favorite Things

I love shopping for workout clothes.  I use it as an excuse to buy super comfortable clothes in obnoxious colors.  What’s not to love!  Here are a few of my favorite new things I’ve purchased lately.

My New Favorite CaprisUA Capris

Under Armour has this new “StudioLux” line of clothes that seem to be a page out of the Lulu book. Sometimes I find the Lulu capris too thick or that they run kind of small in size. I think Under Armour did a nice job of coming up with a lux capri at a price point that is just little easier to swallow (unfortunately not too cheap).  They stay in place well while I work out, and look great too!Target CaprisI think Target is trying to jump on the same bandwagon.  I picked these up at Target the other day.  Just like the typical Lulu capris or the UA ones I got, they are a little longer than the average workout capri, and have a little extra style factor.  They don’t have quite the weight or probably durability of the other brands, but not bad.

My New Shoesnew gym shoes

I got two pairs of new shoes recently: one for running, and one for the gym.  I usually use the same pair for both but I always wondered if a wearing a running shoe to do a gym workout, or a cross training shoe to run was detrimental.  I will test them out and report back.  The above are Reebok’s RealFlex Fusion TR, my flashy new gym shoes (yes, that is the color I got)!NB

These I will only use for running outside.  I actually bought them at a running store, and the salesmen said they are a very popular lightweight option for many people. I’ve realized that lightweight is key for a running sneaker. I litterally feel like it’s easier to run if my shoes are lighter. I’m not in love with the black color, because I typically like something a little more interesting.  This was the only color they had in my size, but at least the mud and dirt from outside won’t be so visable!  They aren’t too much of a departure from my previous New Balance sneakers, and so far, so good!

Have you picked up any cute work out gear to get you motivated this new year?