Spring Dress Trends: Pro/Con

There are certain patterns and fabrics that surface every spring. As usual, we’re seeing the typical lace, gingham, and nautical stripes but each with a 2017 twist. And get those shoulders ready, because they are front and center this year. I have seen the below trends all over every single store this season!

Spagetti Strap Triangle Top Lace Overlay

Pro: Even though it’s a standard lace overlay, it seems really fresh, and it’s a little sexier than the typical lace sheath (above from Anthro)

Con: Are there any? I guess it’s a little skimpy on top, so that might limit you if you’re looking for a more modest look

Verdict: I’m not sure if it will work for my body type but I love it a lot

Black and White Thin Stripe

Pro: Classic that is versatile, ageless, and timeless. It will be a workhorse (above from Banana)

Con: Definitely nothing new or interesting

Verdict: I’m thinking about it, there are some really cute off the shoulder versions out there…

One Shoulder Ruffle

Pro: Cute, feminine cut that is different than what you have in your closet right now (above from JCrew)

Con: Definitely a distinctive look that might look dated in a couple years, you might need parties with different friend groups to get the most out a dress like this

Verdict: A solid maybe if I find an occasion

Oversized Gingham

Pro: New take on a classic spring pattern (above from Ann Taylor)

Con: A very specific preppy look that probably only works at a daytime event

Verdict: Not really my style

Chunky Eyelet Lace

Pro: A fun variation on lace that can be dressed up or down (above from JCrew)

Con: I think eyelet is very season specific, it can really only do spring and some summer, it won’t be your biggest workhorse

Verdict: I’m willing

Off the Shoulder

Pro: Everywhere this year, so you can find the version of this trend that works for you whether it’s a shift, sheath, maxi, or jumpsuit (above from Loft)

Con: You have to have a reliable and comfortable strapless bra

Verdict: I’m all in

Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Pro: Jumpsuits are everything, and how comfortable does this look (above from Anthro)

Con: It’s not a great all-day look because every trip to the restroom is a lengthy event

Verdict: I especially want the one above

What dress trends are you trying this year?


Hits and Misses

Usually I focus on shopping for two occasions: going to work, and working out. I recently realized that I don’t have much that fits in those rare in between times, when I’m not at work or the gym… My default has always been jeans and a tee shirt, and sometimes you need something a little cuter for brunch or a party. Here are some of the recent hits and misses I’ve had at the stores.


Well if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I was on the fence about the whole off-the-shoulder trend, but guess what? It turns out my collar bone is fantastic! I ordered this top from the Gap and I think it’s fabulous. The sleeves are kind of full and the fabric is kind of stiff but I think that will soften up with a wash or two. I think this will be perfect for weekend events with shorts or white jeans. I’m definitely on the lookout for more cute casual tops.

I ordered this dress from Banana Republic because I thought it would work for work and weekend if needed. It is super comfortable to wear to work, so it was definitely a win.

I am obsessed with JCrew’s lookout high rise jeans. A bunch of my jeans are a little too big at the moment, but I know what size works for me in this style, so I thought I should expand my collection. I bought a couple lighter wash jeans last summer and a pair of rinse wash lookout high rise in the fall. But I realized that I needed something between rinse and light wash. Enter the Meyer wash. I now have four of this cut of jeans, and I think my denim wardrobe is complete.


I thought this top from the Gap looked really cute, and it would be a really versatile summer top. When I got in the mail, however, it was basically 100% see through. Not a good look. Plus it was pretty stiff and boxy. Side note- since off the shoulder is so big right now, they need to work on the strapless layering cami to put underneath. I’ve shopped around and haven’t seen much besides some really intense shape wear. Return.

Colored denim is kind of trendy right now, and I though pink jeans would be fun. I got these on sale at Ann Taylor, but I don’t love them. They fit poorly and the pink color had a brown undertone which made almost look like a terra cotta in person. Not the shade I was looking for. Return.

I thought this dress from the Gap would be perfect to throw on for a weekend lunch or party. The top was really cute and flattering, but the skirt stuck out in a weird way. It was a weird A-line silhouette instead of hanging straight down. Also, it was a teeny bit shorter than I wanted it to be.

Hits and Misses

Tis the season to refresh the wardrobe! As usual, some items have worked out better than others. I’m getting really good at this returning thing because I refuse to keep anything that doesn’t fit and flatter. This is the boring work edition, but I’m sure there will be a few Hits and Misses posts in our future with workout and weekend clothes as well.


Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I looooove white blouses. I’m always looking for a new style to add to the repertoire. This one from Ann Taylor definitely fit the bill. It looks great buttoned to the top or with one or two buttons undone. It’s great with my slacks and pencil skirts for work.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I’ve been a little hot and cold with Banana lately, but I’ve learned that their tailored sheath dresses usually work for me. The seaming detail add a little interest to a standard sheath, and the color is neutral but not black or navy. It is rather fitted, but it works and it looks good with a cardigan or blazer.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

Another sheath success story. This one is from Ann Taylor. I don’t have a lot of olive so I was excited to broaden the color spectrum in my closet. It’s a great layering piece for fall and winter. I layered an ivory bow tie blouse under it last week and I got several compliments. I think the split neckline will also look great with a turtleneck, collared shirt, or by itself with a cardigan.


Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

While the tailored sheaths work well for me at Banana, I always seem to be between sizes in the knit dresses. I got my usually size and there was too much fabric. It definitely added bulk. Return.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

This skirt is very trendy and it was on sale so I was excited to try it on. Unfortunately the stiffness of the faux leather combined with the midi length (it was a little longer on me than it was on the model), it just looked awkward and stiff. Oh well, next time.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I tried this blouse on in the store because I decided I need a variety of blouses that can tuck in to pants and skirts, and ones that are built not to tuck in. I thought it would be a little blousey, hide a multitude of sins, but still be flattering. This one just made me look pregnant. Not the look I’m going for.