Gearing Up for Valentine’s Day!

From what I can tell, Valentine’s Day can be rather polarizing. People either observe it or are repelled by it. I celebrate it!

I get the- “it’s a Hallmark holiday” perspective. But my response to that is- God forbid you tell someone you care about them. In addition to celebrating it in the traditional sense, I love spreading to love to family and friends too. Sometimes February can be a little bleak so I use the holiday as an excuse to send a card or a small care package to hopefully make someone’s day. I’ve started shopping already because I know if will be here before I know it, and I want to be ready! Here are a few of the things I’m thinking about this year:

For the grandparents:

I like sending a small box of chocolates or some cookies along with a festive tea towel to my grandparents. Everyone can use a new tea towel (they are usually less than $20), and Crate and Barrel, Williams and Sonoma, and Paper Source have some good V-day kitchen options.

Best Girlfriends:

How about a funny card and an empowering little trinket? I love the idea of giving someone a little heart shaped ring dish, or a mug with a girl power message. A pretty journal or notepad would also be fun. Paper Source has all of the above, and West Elm has some good options too. And there’s always a little gift set from Sephora, the classic scented candle, or a festive pair of earrings. You will make her week!

Friends with young kids:

I like the idea of sending a little craft or baking mix. You can include a couple festive accessories like fun stickers or cupcake cake liners with hearts.


Gotta cover the bases in case Dad is one of those “it’s just a Hallmark holiday” people. Once when I was in college my mom sent me a Valentine’s Day care package. It was my favorite piece of mail, maybe ever. I think I still have most of the contents (minus the candy). One of my favorite pieces was a pink, fluffy bathrobe, so I think it’s only fitting that I give my mom some V-day PJs. Plus, PJs falls into the category of “things she needs but never thinks to pick up for herself”.


Because, why not?

How are you celebrating this year?

Wine and Paint Night…you can do the dining after.


Since I turned 30, my nights out have changed quite a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, I still go out on the town but the occasions are more rare these days.  Instead, I like to find alternatives that tend not to leave me with a wicked hangover.   My friend, Christina and I, are pictured above with our smocks on because we decided to spend the evening being slightly productive.  We decided to go to a wine and paint party at Artist on the Rocks in North Cape May.  I realize that these places have been popping up all over the country in the last year, but Cape May County is usually a little late to the game.  Better late than never!  All we had to do was bring a bottle of wine to the studio and pay $25 for our 3 hour session.  They provide you with the canvas and all the supplies you need and a slice of pizza (painting is rigorous so you need some sustenance along the way).  They post a session schedule of the paintings on their website so you can plan your night ahead of time.  I have been two times already and you can see the results below.  Looks like a little wine brings out the artist in me!
IMG_0917 IMG_0876