Five Things

I learned about Singapore on my recent trip.

  1. The city’s mascot is a mer-lion. I think I would have learned this if I did a little more research before I went, but regardless, I think it’s a fantastic mascot! How do you get more majestic then a lion and mermaid combined?Sadie Dishes- Five Things
  2. The country turned fifty years old last year. We missed out on the year long celebration. Here’s to fifty more!Sadie Dishes- Five Things
  3. The metro system or MRT seems to be what American metros are trying to be. The trains are clean. We were never stopped or delayed at any point which is shocking compared to the DC metro. There was an overwhelming amount of signage about rules of behavior which are actually enforced by platform attendants rather than ignored (give up your seat, take off your backpack, no eating or drinking, etc.).Sadie Dishes- Five Things
  4. Hawker centers are a very popular place to grab a bite for any meal, any day. They are basically large foot courts of small food stands (and sometimes markets) that are government regulated to ensure cleanliness. You can find any standard dish from any Asian country (each stand basically specializes in a few dishes), and you don’t even have to bus your own table. The couple times we ate there my meal was less than four USD for a large plate of food.Sadie Dishes- Five Things
  5. Carrot cake is neither carrot nor cake. The dish seems to be diced radish sautéed with a few other vegetables (no carrot) in a brown sauce. Not bad, but absolutely nothing like carrot cake in the US which is a cake that has carrots.Sadie Dishes- Five Things

Five Things

I am loving right now.

  1. My Anne Taintor 2016 wall calendar. I’ve gotten it either for myself or from Santa for probably close to 10 years now. I love it every year. It never disappoints!Sadie Dishes- Anne Taintor Calendar
  2. The fact that the holidays are over, even though I love the holidays. My apartment is so clean right now! This year I sent out about 50 cards, I sent probably 5-7 boxes of gifts or goodies, and I baked about 15 batches of baked goods in December. It’s time for a break!
  3. But back to Santa for a minute- he got me a new fancy iron! It’s called the Pro Master, I rest my case. Being the laundry enthusiast that I am, I was very excited about this present. I would have to say, one of my pet peeves is a perfectly good outfit ruined by wrinkles! Stepping up my ironing game in 2016.Sadie Dishes- Rowena Iron
  4. The faux fur cold weather accessory trend got me. I bought a faux fur scarf on super sale at the Loft during the holidays. The discount really helped me make the leap, but I don’t hate it! It definitely adds glamour to my commute! Some of the faux fur styles are more functional than others, but I think it’s a easy way to participate in a fun trend and experience the luxury of looking like you’re wearing fur! (I’m seriously contemplating getting a faux fur scarf for my grandmother in Long Island because I think it will help her get through winter with a smile on her face!)Sadie Dishes- Loft Scarf
  5. The Royals on E! has completely sucked me in this season. I always skew trashy when it comes to television shows and this is a good example. For those in the dark, The Royals is a drama about a fictional version of the British Royal family. There are all manner of relationships and affairs happening, several murders, and more drugs and alcohol than you can shake a stick at. Even though it’s totally ridiculous, it always makes me wonder what similarities exist between the show and the real royal family. It’s a good binge watch if there’s a snow day or two this winter!Sadie Dishes- The Royals

Five Things

I am loving right now!

1.Synergy Organic Kombucha: Cosmic Cranberry. This is my grocery store treat. When I go to the grocery store, I get a fancy juice! I used to prefer the green or strawberry flavors, but right now I can’t get enough of the cranberry. Exhibit A:


2. Athleta Crux Capris. I got these a couple weeks ago, and nothing beats fresh workout clothes! These are the perfect mix of a basic black capri that go with anything, with some edgier mesh details. Plus they provide that mid thigh ventilation which is key!

athletacrux3. Late Summer/ Early Fall Weather! I definitely like every season, and I love living somewhere that gets a relatively full range of seasons. But after a couple solid months of 90+ degree heat and humidity this summer, I could not be happier for cooler evenings and highs in the low 80’s and even 70’s. Plus, you know my coat game is on point!

4. Wheat germ. I know, my palate is random. I add some to my smoothie in the morning, in no-bake energy balls, or on top of cereal. It adds a really good, nutty flavor. Pro Tip: un-toasted wheat germ is not for the faint of heart!Wheat Germ

5. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser from Target. I’ve been using a few different face washes by St. Ives over the years. They did an ok job, and the price is right. This summer, however, I’ve had more acne than usual, I think because I’m using more sunscreen (if you can believe it). I heard good things about this face wash from Target, and the whole charcoal thing intrigued me. The verdict is that I like it a lot. It smells really good, and I think it’s doing the trick!

face wash

What are you loving right now?