Fall Coats!

The best part of fall shopping for me is coat shopping! I typically stalk a couple coats each fall and strategize one or two purchases a year based on need or price point.

Here’s what I’m stalking so far:

I need a new trench coat. I currently have a black, zip, short trench that I’ve had for about seven years. I really love it and I wear it a lot in the spring and fall, but it started fading and fraying at a few seams a couple years ago, and I think I could use a fresh one! I want to stick with the zipper and the shorter length because it makes it so much more functional for me. This is what I have my eye on right now:

Michael Kors Trench

It’s a MICHAEL Michael Kors trench for $275. I’m going to keep my eyes open for a sale, but I might cave on this and buy it full price because I will probably where it for a good seven years.

I also need a weekend fall/winter coat. Last year I either wore my standard black fleece, or one of my nicer wool coats. So I need something a little warmer than a fleece, but not as fancy as a wool coat that I wear to work. I think this is the answer:


This LLBean coat is the “Quilted Riding Jacket” for$139. It comes in a few colors, but I think I’m leaning towards the “dark ivy” because olive is the “new neutral.” I think it’s the perfect combination of polished and sporty.

Speaking of olive, I think I also need this wool jacket. Why? I have black, red, and navy coats, so olive and camel are next on my list (and maybe grey).


This is a Trina Turk coat on sale for $259 at Nordstrom. I dare you to come up with one negative thing to say about this coat.

What coats do you have your eye on this year?

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