Favorite Things

The other day, I was in a clothing store with my mom, and she totally called me out. I picked up an off white – crew neck – pullover sweatshirt, and said, “oh, I neeeeeed this!” And she promptly responded, “Sadie, you have at least 10 of those already…”  Point taken, but she wasn’t 100% correct.

Some of them are white, and some of them are grey…

Long story short, I live for a crew neck white/off white/heather grey sweatshirt/sweater. I am not a fan of hoods on sweatshirts or jackets (I never use them and they get in the way). And I love a zipper for the right reasons, but not on my sweatshirt, thank you. So crew neck pullovers are the style for me.

So now let’s talk about all the sweatshirts I desperately need:

Let’s start with a basic at the Gap:

gap sweatshirt

I could probably wear this sweater from the Loft every day:

Loft sweater

JCrew also knows what’s up:

jcrew sweatshirt

A little more detail from Hive & Honey at Piperlime (for your dressier sweatshirt occasions):

hive sweatshirt

When I’m feeling sporty, there’s always the Athleta version that I’ve been eyeing for months because it’s a great fabric:

Athleta sweatshirtAnd finally, the only one I actually own among this group. This v-neck sweater is perfection from JCrew Factory:

Jcrew factory sweater
I am nothing, if not consistent.

Five Things

That made me smile this week:

1.She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes. David Foster mentioned it when he was out to dinner with his wife on RHOBH. He’s fluent in the language of brag, and likes to talk about the songs he wrote and people he’s worked with. But that song title sort of rang a bell so I looked it up and downloaded it immediately.

2. These pants that were in an email that Nike just sent me. Is it weird that I open a lot of the promo emails I get from stores? I’m always curious what their new stuff looks like. I think I would work out better if I was wearing these.


3. I visited Carrie in NJ with our other bestie, Karla, last weekend. I’m pretty sure we didn’t stop talking for 48 hours straight. Friends + NJ + the sun = Fantastic.

4. This picture. It’s the background on my phone because I think it shows the true essence of my older brother and myself. It makes me smile every week. (I believe it was the first day of first grade for me, so that’s why we have our game faces on, and I have a sack of stuff to put in my cubby or something)

Back to School

5. The fact that my taxes were filed, period, end of story.

How was your week?

Top Three Beauty Gadgets

At a recent Chi O gathering at Primrose Manor, Sadie inspired me to create my Top 3 beauty gadgets.  We all have beauty secrets and here are some of mine.

1. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover – You can find this great gadget at QVC.com for only a small investment of $30.  It even comes with a replacement pumice stone cartridge.  After acquiring long hours of standing on my feet at the bakery, this certainly has been put to use.  I now have smooth feet and I no longer fear having my beau my feet.emjoi

2.  Hairmax Luxe Hair Growth Laser – This is a large investment but worth it if you have hereditary baldness in your family tree.  I have only had it for a month but I can tell the difference already.  You can check out the testimonials for yourself at QVC.com.  You have to shell out $400 for this product but QVC gives you four months to try it and if you’re not happy with your progress you can return it for a full refund.



3.  Forever Free Facial Hair Remover – You can find this minor investment at Amazon.com for only $18.  I love this item for shaping eyebrows.  It’s a painless way to rid yourself of that unibrow.  I use the attachment to keep my eyebrows in check by giving them a nice trim to keep the single strands at similar lengths.  A lady never wants to be known for her out of control eyebrows.

forever free