Five Things

That made me smile this week:

1.She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes. David Foster mentioned it when he was out to dinner with his wife on RHOBH. He’s fluent in the language of brag, and likes to talk about the songs he wrote and people he’s worked with. But that song title sort of rang a bell so I looked it up and downloaded it immediately.

2. These pants that were in an email that Nike just sent me. Is it weird that I open a lot of the promo emails I get from stores? I’m always curious what their new stuff looks like. I think I would work out better if I was wearing these.


3. I visited Carrie in NJ with our other bestie, Karla, last weekend. I’m pretty sure we didn’t stop talking for 48 hours straight. Friends + NJ + the sun = Fantastic.

4. This picture. It’s the background on my phone because I think it shows the true essence of my older brother and myself. It makes me smile every week. (I believe it was the first day of first grade for me, so that’s why we have our game faces on, and I have a sack of stuff to put in my cubby or something)

Back to School

5. The fact that my taxes were filed, period, end of story.

How was your week?

Five Things

That drive me crazy about commuting to work.

1. Escalator blocking. This is a universal city thing, if you’re not walking up or down the escalator, stay as close to the right side as possible. I got places to be, and frankly running up the escalator gets my blood pumping and ready for work.

2. People jockeying for position between stops. I know you need to get off soon and you’re worried about making it through the doors before they close. But when you stand up while the train is moving and force everyone around you to accommodate your movement, everyone involved will go flying when the train jerks. As long as you are quick and polite but firm when the train stops, you’ll make it out the door and on your way.

3. Backpacks. You don’t realize it, but your backpack is in everyone’s way. When you turn around you are basically hitting everyone in a two foot radius from you.

4. Tourists traveling during rush hour. I realize that my metro stop is the White House metro stop, but you’re playing with fire if you get in my way on the way to work.

5. People. In my way. All the time. Bah Humbug.

Other than that life is sunshine and rainbows.

Five Things

I miss about New Jersey
1. The Produce: The Garden State is actually called the Garden State for a reason. During the summer that reason is tomatoes and corn. For example: my mother felt the need to send me pictures of her Jersey fresh dinner the other day.
Tomatoes grilled corn
2. The open spaces: Not that Virginia doesn’t have wide open spaces, but I live and work in a more urban area now. I am not a city mouse, I am a country mouse. That is for sure. So I’m just trying on the city for a bit, and seeing what happens.
3. My friends and family: Again, I have friends that I love in Virginia and DC, but the NJ ones are the originals and I always miss them when I don’t live there.
4. The Beach: I’ll be honest, I have no idea where the closest beach is here, and I don’t want to go to it. I want to go to Stone Harbor.
5.My Hairdresser: I got my hair cut in a mall last week. No offense to my very nice hairdresser, but your name is not Melissa and I haven’t been your client since before you were married and had two children who are now in first and second grade.
Homesick much? What do you miss the most when you’re away from home?