Five Things

That drive me crazy about commuting to work.

1. Escalator blocking. This is a universal city thing, if you’re not walking up or down the escalator, stay as close to the right side as possible. I got places to be, and frankly running up the escalator gets my blood pumping and ready for work.

2. People jockeying for position between stops. I know you need to get off soon and you’re worried about making it through the doors before they close. But when you stand up while the train is moving and force everyone around you to accommodate your movement, everyone involved will go flying when the train jerks. As long as you are quick and polite but firm when the train stops, you’ll make it out the door and on your way.

3. Backpacks. You don’t realize it, but your backpack is in everyone’s way. When you turn around you are basically hitting everyone in a two foot radius from you.

4. Tourists traveling during rush hour. I realize that my metro stop is the White House metro stop, but you’re playing with fire if you get in my way on the way to work.

5. People. In my way. All the time. Bah Humbug.

Other than that life is sunshine and rainbows.

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