Five Things

I am loving right now.

  1. My Anne Taintor 2016 wall calendar. I’ve gotten it either for myself or from Santa for probably close to 10 years now. I love it every year. It never disappoints!Sadie Dishes- Anne Taintor Calendar
  2. The fact that the holidays are over, even though I love the holidays. My apartment is so clean right now! This year I sent out about 50 cards, I sent probably 5-7 boxes of gifts or goodies, and I baked about 15 batches of baked goods in December. It’s time for a break!
  3. But back to Santa for a minute- he got me a new fancy iron! It’s called the Pro Master, I rest my case. Being the laundry enthusiast that I am, I was very excited about this present. I would have to say, one of my pet peeves is a perfectly good outfit ruined by wrinkles! Stepping up my ironing game in 2016.Sadie Dishes- Rowena Iron
  4. The faux fur cold weather accessory trend got me. I bought a faux fur scarf on super sale at the Loft during the holidays. The discount really helped me make the leap, but I don’t hate it! It definitely adds glamour to my commute! Some of the faux fur styles are more functional than others, but I think it’s a easy way to participate in a fun trend and experience the luxury of looking like you’re wearing fur! (I’m seriously contemplating getting a faux fur scarf for my grandmother in Long Island because I think it will help her get through winter with a smile on her face!)Sadie Dishes- Loft Scarf
  5. The Royals on E! has completely sucked me in this season. I always skew trashy when it comes to television shows and this is a good example. For those in the dark, The Royals is a drama about a fictional version of the British Royal family. There are all manner of relationships and affairs happening, several murders, and more drugs and alcohol than you can shake a stick at. Even though it’s totally ridiculous, it always makes me wonder what similarities exist between the show and the real royal family. It’s a good binge watch if there’s a snow day or two this winter!Sadie Dishes- The Royals

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