The Way to My Heart

I used to primarily crush on the five members of *NSYNC.  I memorized their favorite colors and their birthdays, and I probably still know them by heart.  If it wasn’t *NSYNC it was another pop star or professional athlete.  Now the times are changing, and I’m changing with them.  Chefs are the new celebrities and I’ve got my eye on a few.  My culinary equivalent to *NSYNC is:

1. Tyler Florence

2. Tom Colicchio

3. Michael Symon

4. Fabio Viviani

5. Dale Talde

I know that they are lacking the creative hairstyles of the boy bands of the past.  But these guys can cook!  And they’re really funny!  It’s a good thing I’m back in school because I have some new names to start doodling in my notebook…

What chefs are your favorites?

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