When life gets busy, make time for The Hunger Games

It’s been a busy week and I did not get much time to relax this weekend. Yesterday I interviewed many candidates for future employment at the Bread and Cheese Cupboard (we’re on Facebook) and was reaffirmed that many people are desperate for jobs. I interviewed college graduates who can’t find real life jobs and baby boomers who need supplemental income. Unfortunately, I don’t think the economy is coming back a anytime soon. I think back to my college years and realize how good life was then and I think I took it for granted.

On a lighter note, I was able to see The Hunger Games on Thursday. This is one of the few books to movies that I truly enjoyed. I think The Hunger Games movie was done extremely well. It covered everything in the book and so much more. It really brought the book to life. I must admit I had a case of goosebumps during the Tribute parade!

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