Flower Cupcakes

For Fionna’s 5th Birthday, I made her cupcakes to take into preschool. Now I’m with Sandra Lee and make them semi-homemade. I used a boxed devils food cake mix for the cake and made homemade buttercream icing to top it off. She requested a pink and green color scheme a la Lily Pulitzer. I decided that these colors would lend itself to a flower theme. I put a green icing base layer on top of the cupcake. Then I sliced a large marshmallow into five slices and dipped those slices in pink sanding sugar to make the petals. After forming the slices (now petals) into a flower shape, I piped a dot of icing in the center of the petal formation. It takes a bit of time but it’s easy and makes a lasting impression on any crowd. See for yourself!