Hits and Misses

I’ve been on a little bit of a wallet lock down lately between buying holiday presents and saving for some bigger purchases, but here are a few recent yays and nays for me.


Sadie Dishes- Toms Avalon Slip Ons

I always have a pair of “commuting shoes” that are lightweight flats that keep me comfy to and from work and keep my high heels from getting unnecessarily worn down. They get a decent amount of wear so I try to pick something inexpensive because they typically last about six months. I recently replaced my last pair of classic Toms with these Avalon Slip-Ons. They are a most substantial version of the classic that fit more like the classic Vans style sneaker slip-ons that are making such a big comeback right now. I love them! They are metallic, a.k.a. neutral, and the sole is a lot more cushioned and supportive than the classic Toms. Winner!

Sadie Dishes- Athleta Sports Bra

I’ve been between favorite sports bras ever since Nike retired the style that I like. (Isn’t that the worst!?) So I was excited to try this new silhouette from Athleta because they billed it as “high impact.” I don’t think this is my new absolute favorite, but it does provide some advantages that I’ve been looking for. Chief among them- it has decent support, and pretty good all around coverage in the front (no excessive cleavage which is kind of a foreign concept for me) . What you can’t see in the above picture is the back has a cool design. It’s a great option to pair with some of the skimpier strappy work out tops.

Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

This season it seems like every sweater is oversized and kind of sloppy. I was having trouble finding sweaters that are work appropriate, so I was happy when I found this mini cable knit sweater from Ann Taylor. It’s a great light/mid weight, and it’s very easy to pair with a pencil skirt or slacks for work. I think the mini cable knit adds a little bit of interest and gives you more of an “outfit” rather than just wearing a plain merino sweater.


Sadie Dishes- Hits and Misses

I ordered this shirt online during one of Ann Taylor’s sales. I was really excited about it because I have several draped/ruched long sleeves that I love and wear all the time. This one- not so much. It was not flattering on me. It accentuated my bust which is like bringing sand to the beach, and the draping just looked awkward. This might help add curves where there are none, but I am all set in that department. I wanted to love it but it’s a return for sure.

West Elm‘s customer service: Ugh. I hyped West Elm a lot in my gift guide posts and I’m a big fan of their general aesthetic, but this holiday season I had a lot of trouble with them. I ordered several items for multiple people on my gift list several weeks before Christmas, all had delivery dates well in time for Christmas. Long story short, two items ordered on December 5th and with a delivery date of December 18th showed up several days after Christmas. And one item that showed up just in time on Christmas Eve was monogrammed incorrectly and required returning. This fiasco included several calls to the customer service line, several promises for Christmas delivery that were not kept, with no attempt at accommodation just a lot of the word “sorry.” Was I offered compensation or discounts for any of these late or incorrect items? No. They simply shifted blame to their shipping operation. At the end of the day, due to no planning fault of my own, I was down three presents on Christmas day and it seemed like West Elm could care less.

Anything you’re loving or returning right now?

Grease is the Word

This is a PSA to remind you that there’s a live production of Grease on Fox at 7pm EST tonight! I’m excited to see it!

Sadie Dishes- Grease

I think this has the potential to be a good one! If you ask me, as opposed to some of the other TV musical productions, I think Grease was made for this venue. We’ll find out tonight!

SAG Awards 2016: Best and Worst

There were some very elegant dresses at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards this year. There were a lot of slim silhouettes like column dresses and subtle mermaids. There were also a lot of geometric details from triangle cutouts and interesting straps to geometric patterns. Not a whole lot of over-the-top sexy or revealing gowns, but then again, this isn’t the Grammys. Also, lace seemed to take a back seat to bold colors. All in all, a very grown up scene.

As always, the pictures are from People.com.


Sadie Dishes- SAG Best and Worst

Julianna Margulies is hitting all the right notes with this dress. It’s simple, flattering, fashion forward, elegant, and edgy, all in one dress. She can take some fashion risks and I think this one really paid off for her.

Sadie Dishes- SAG Awards Best and Worst

Hannah Bagshawe (Eddie Redmayne’s better half) is making a major maternity fashion statement here. Maternity tends to be clingy and sexy or flowy and etherial, but I like this modern, edgy direction. It’s right on point!

Sadie Dishes- SAG Best and Worst

I love the understated but modern elegance of Saoirse Ronan in this dress. The crew neck and long sleeves make it stand out from all the cleavage baring dresses on the red carpet, but I think this is just as attractive if not more so. I’m not 100% on the makeup choices, but definitely like the look overall.

Sadie Dishes- SAG Best and Worst


Marisa Tomei looked flashy in this forest green frock. I think the silhouette and strong shoulders are doing a lot for her. I like her makeup and hair, but I might have done something a little more dramatic with her hair (asymmetrical cornrow braids on one side, or vintage shiny waves).


Sadie Dishes- SAG Best and Worst

January Jones looks like she’s going to a toga party. I think if you go the Grecian route, you need a more forgiving fabric with a better drape. I know she likes to be fashion forward, but this is a miss and kind of a snooze.

Sadie Dishes- SAG Best and Worst

I think Julianne Moore‘s love of fashion got the best of her this time. She loves to try the latest lines and styles, but current does not always look pretty. This looks like a 90’s throwback and an Indian sari gone very wrong. That fabric is cray.

Sadie Dishes- SAG Best and Worst

Viola Davis needs some help. I don’t mind the bodice on this dress, I think it’s a fresh interpretation. The problem here is the overall presentation. It looks extremely wrinkled and ill fitting. This fabric is so problematic, I think I would avoid it for award shows. In any case, her hair and makeup look flawless.

Sadie Dishes- SAG best and worst

Marsha Stephanie Blake of OITNB fame looks like she put on her mom’s old prom dress. It looks like the dress is several sizes too big, and I think the ruching is supposed create a figure for her but it’s backfiring. I think if she wants to create more of a shape, she should opt for a defined waist and fuller skirt.

Who are your best and worst dressed from the SAGs?