Time to Design

I feel like I’m at a little bit of a turning point right now. I just moved into a new apartment in a new town and I need to figure out what I’m going to do with the space. When I moved, I ditched a few of my main pieces of furniture, so I have some room to design the new space. Since I have a new job, I’ve decided that I’m at a point where I want to start acquiring pieces out of want rather than need. I mean, instead of borrowing my parents’ and friends’ hand-me-downs, I want to start putting together a cohesive design by buying my own stuff.

Here’s my plan of action. I’m not in a position to just go on a shopping spree right away and buy everything I need. Nor would I want to, because I want to live in my apartment for a little bit to understand how I will use the space and what pieces I really need. So I’m going to come up with a loose color scheme and style for each space, start with the main necessities, and gradually add things as I see fit (and can afford them). So this is a list of the pieces I’m shopping for in a prioritized order:

1. small sofa (something that can fit two people easily and three in a pinch)

2. bureau for the bedroom (right now I have a big closet and lots of storage containers but no bedroom furniture besides my mattress)

3. curtains for the bedroom and living room

4. area rug(s) (my apartment is carpeted, but adding some color with a rug would be nice)

5. coffee table and side tables (I have some basic ones that I got for free several years ago but I would love to get new ones)

6. accent chair for the living room (if I have room for it, I already have a recliner)

7. small accent pieces like art and lamps

8. small kitchen upgrades like new silverware

My space is definitely limited and I live on the fourteenth floor of my building, so I have some parameters. I need things to fit in the space and through my door, and if it’s a piece of furniture, I need it to be able to be delivered directly to my building.

Here are some things I have my eye on right now:

Sofa from West ElmWEsofa

Or this one from Crate and Barrel (I’m feeling a dark grey for the sofa)CBsofa

A pretty basic dresser from Pottery BarnPBdresser

Rug from Pottery BarnPBrugOttoman from West Elm that could double as a coffee table


Does anyone have some shopping/design advice or thoughts?

I have a pretty blank slate right now, so I’m trying to find some solid vision that I can work with.

One thought on “Time to Design

  1. Loving the ideas! I ended up taking my more expensive inspirations and getting things from Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Target, joss and main (amazing), tuesday morning, etsy…you’ll have fun putting it all together!

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