Last Five

Songs I downloaded from iTunes. Taking a break from the Christmas playlist.

  1. Hello by Adele. Duh.
  2. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber. Apparently if JB is singing it, I’m buying it. This one is a lot more scaled back than some of his recent EDM hits.
  3. One Love by Marianas Trench. I think I was looking up a different Marianas Trench song and I saw that this song just came out so of course I needed it.
  4. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy. I’ve heard this on the radio several times, but hearing it in spin class really convinced to add it to my workout mix. Fall Out Boy is just so reliable.
  5. In the Night by The Weeknd. This song sounds like the story to an 80’s movie to me. He has an interesting combination of songs that are derogatory towards women, and songs that are supportive to women in his repertoire. I like his stuff in general but the jury is still out overall.


Gift Guide 2015: Part 4

This one is for the men on your list!


jcrew Astronaut

I realize I live in the preppiest part of the country, but statement dress socks seem to be very in with the men I work with. You can go two directions with this: holiday socks, or general statement socks. Both are good ideas, but I’m thinking go general so the recipient can wear them all year. The above astronaut socks are just one of many options from JCrew, and almost every men’s apparel store have comparable options. Other classic work wear accessories are cool cuff links, a power tie, or a funky tie bar.

Banana Scarf

A scarf might seem like a snooze, but in my experience, it’s something that a lot of men forget to buy for themselves. I love a good mid-weight plaid scarf that will look smart with a wool coat. The above is from Banana.



Time to upgrade the travel toiletries bag! I love these leather ones from Mark and Graham. Pottery Barn has something very comparable. If you want a sportier option, I would look to L.L.Bean.


I’ve heard a lot of raves about the Dollar Shave Club, and it’s a pretty universal gift for men because most of them shave, right? You can gift a membership, and the options are very affordable. We all know that razors are annoyingly pricey, so it’s a great break! It’s something a little out of the box, but makes the recipient’s life a whole lot easier.


Banana Sweater

The guys I know seems to accumulate tee shirts and sweatshirts like it’s going out of style, and they have to buy clothes for work, so I usually go for a shirt or sweater that is somewhere in between. This sweater from Banana is work worthy for most people, but it’s also casual enough for weekend outings. I also love this subtle patterned crew neck sweater, and a machine wash JCrew Factory half zip is always a winner.

UA shorts

If you’re shopping for a guy that likes to hit the gym, shorts are a great option. Like I said above, tee-shirts appear out of no where, but shorts are another story. I think it’s a great idea to gift a good quality pair or shorts from Under Armour (like above), or Nike because they will last a long time.



There are all sorts of great techy accessories out there that can make life easier. One of my favorite places for these items is The Container Store (there’s one in walking distance from me), but you’ll also see a ton at places like Best Buy. Something like this four USB charging adapter will help maximize outlets and get everything charged on time. There’s another similar option for the cigarette lighter in the car. Other good tech accessories are containers for all the cords, or stands for smart phones.


Since we now need everything available on our wrist, this smart watch version by Basis is somewhere between a Fitbit and an Apple watch both in functionality and price. It tracks all of your activity and sleep, and it communicates with your smart phone to give you text, email, and phone call notifications. I also think this looks a little cooler than most of the fitness trackers on the market. You can go with the leather band, or there are sportier band options as well.

What are you getting the guys on your list this year?

Gift Guide 2015: Part 3

I’ve done a couple posts based on gift genre, but now we’re going to focus on one recipient per post. Let’s start with the women, here we go!


Anthro scarf

Let’s start by shooting fish in a barrel and go with a scarf. A woman can never have too many scarves. You can find scarves anywhere, but one of my favorite scarf places is Anthro because they’re always have a unique and beautiful selection. It’s a great option because you can find something for almost any budget, and any occasion. I love their infinity loops like the one above. I have a couple and I wear them with a jacket in cold weather, or over a plain dress at work to create an outfit. You can also go really cold weather with something like this.

Minkoff Earring

When it comes to jewelry, I usually stick with my strengths and buy earrings for gifts (make sure the recipient has pierced ears!). I try to get something that is somewhere between my style and the recipient’s style so they’ll know it’s from me, but it works within their repertoire. I love ear climbers because they are fashion forward but very easy to wear. It’s somehow statement and subtle at the same time which makes it a versatile gift. I’m loving Rebecca Minkoff earrings right now (like above), and Kate Spade also always has some festive options. Just make sure to explain that you wear them so they follow the curve of your ear rather than a drop.

For the Home

West Elm Jewelry

Now that you got her earrings, she’s going to need something to store them in. A jewelry box is great for the younger crowd, because I feel like the older crowd already has their jewelry storage on point. That said, everyone needs a new ring dish for the dresser or bedside table. West Elm has a lot of great jewelry boxes and trinket dishes in several different patterns and sizes.

Anthro Candles

Candles, like scarves, might seem cliche, but I think they’re always a good option for good friends and new acquaintances alike. Anthro always has some great options that are really beautiful as well (love the Voluspa brand). Scented candles are sold everywhere, but I also love the options at Paper Source, Bath & Body Works, West Elm, and Target.

Beauty and Clothing

Sephora Favorites

Every woman has her favorites when it comes to makeup, but it’s always fun to mix it up from time to time. I love the “Sephora Favorites” samplers that have several good sized designer brand samples at a great price. They have samplers with mascara, eye liner, lip stick, and more. If you know the recipient is partial to one of these items, it’s a home run. On the flip side, if the recipient it partial to a specific brand, you can always get a palette or gift set from that brand. Also consider a perfume sampler.

UA sweatshirt

I often shy away from buying women clothes for presents because I do not like receiving clothes myself. There are too many variables of size, fit, style, etc. That said, there are few pieces that have some wiggle room, like sweatshirts (I can’t get enough). Fashionable sweatshirts are very in right now, and I love the above style from Under Armour. It’s ageless, and sleek but casual. It’s great if your recipient is always running off to yoga class, or if they’re running errands. There’s a very similar option from Zella (Nordstrom’s private label), an even sportier option from Athleta, a girlier option from Banana, a great cowl neck from Bobeau, and an awesome lounge look from Bobeau too.


Portable Power

Portable cell phone chargers make life convenient when you’re on the run. They seem to be popping up everywhere these days. Shopping around, it’s hard to figure out how much power each option actually has. I know QVC has some solid options like the ones above, but Best Buy has several, and even some big fashion brands are getting in the game.

 Cord Organizer

When it comes to the cords, the more organization, the better. This cool leather case will keep cords untangled and in their place in a sophisticated way. It’s perfect for busy ladies to throw in a handbag or luggage. Mark and Graham also has an earbud case as well.

What are you getting the ladies this year?