American Reunion: Middle Township Style

Last night was my ten year high school reunion.  I made the right decision when I decided to go because I learned a lot from everything that happened last night.  Here are 3 major discoveries that I made.

1.  If  you see an old high school classmate out at the bar and they don’t say hi to you, it doesn’t mean that they are avoiding you.  In fact, I learned that it is quite the opposite.  I was told that I intimidated them.  Who knew?  All this time I was intimidated by them, so I never said hi when in fact I think they wanted to say hi to me.  Why do we let ourselves become so terrified of social rejection that it makes us incapable of human interaction.  Resolution #1:  I will always say hi to someone I would like to start a conversation with in the future.

2.  Classmates you thought were “popular” in high school, weren’t really popular at all.  They were only popular because you placed them on the pedestal that they stood on.  Resolution #2: I will only show respect to those that deserve it.

3. People don’t really change that much after high school.  Yes we grow older and become more educated in life, but we are still the same people.  We have the same personalities that are the backbone of our selves. If you didn’t want to initiate conversation with a classmate then, you still won’t care to talk to them ten years later. Resolution #3: I will only take the time to talk to people who make me laugh instead of cry.

Middle Township Class of 2002…see you in another ten years.


ABC Survey

A is for age: 26

B is for breakfast today: instant oatmeal, maple and brown sugar flavor with an extra sprinkle of vanilla protien powder

C is for currently craving: a warm soft pretzel with salt please

D is for dinner tonight: Capri salad from Stew Leonard’s (grocery store in CT)

E is for favorite type of exercise: Pilates for core, Body Pump for strength, Stair Climber for cardio

F is for an irrational fear: Lose a family member prematurely

G is for gross food: olives

H is for hometown: Cranbury, NJ

I is for something important: always be yourself

J is for current favorite jam: “Hummingbird Heartbeat” by Katy Perry, yes I saw her movie

K is for kids: zero (first I need love, then probably marriage, then…)

L is for current location: my apt in CT for the Summer

M is for the most recent way you spent money: food shopping (always)

N is for something you need: Time with my friends from VA, NJ, PA

O is for occupation: MBA student (and summer intern)

P is for pet peeve: People who get to the front of a long line at Dunkin/Panera/an Ice Cream shop and still take their time contemplating their order.  People are waiting, you’ve had time to decide!

Q is for a quote: “Hold tight to your heart’s desire/ Never ever let it go/ Let nobody fool you into giving it up too soon/ Tend your own fire/ Lay low and be strong”– James Taylor

R is for random fact about you: My mom and I have identical birth marks on our legs (because we are the same person born 30 years apart)

S is for favorite healthy snack: granny smith apple

T is for favorite treat: cold cereal (I rarely get a chance to eat it so absence makes the heart grow fonder)

U is for something that makes you unique: I created my own major in college, my thesis was about how Hip Hop music today can largely be derived from music of the civil rights movement and previous protest movements in US history

V is for favorite vegetable: broccoli

W is for today’s workout: stair climber and spin class

X is for X-rays you’ve had: right foot, left hand

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: a visit to Whole Foods

Z is for your time zone: EST

Your Turn:  What food do you think is gross?  What is random fact about you?  What have you had X-rayed?

PS- I just heard through the social media grapevine that one of my good friends from high school is a phenomenal artist. If you have a minute, check out her site, she has some great stuff!