Boston Getaway Weekend

This weekend I made a trip to Boston to visit a friend. It was a wonderful city to explore. It’s clean and it felt really safe there. Unlike Philly, it doesn’t seem as fast paced or overcrowded.

I stayed at my friend’s house in Squantum, which is about a twenty minute drive outside the city. It is a charming area to live in because it has a small town feel with the opportunities of the city close by. The town is believed to have been the place where Sqaunto met the pilgrims.

We went into the city of Boston on Saturday. We walked around Beacon Hill which is where I would want to live if I ever lived in the heart of Boston. It is full of character. Everyone had wreaths and garland decorating their doorsteps for the holidays. We also walked past the infamous Cheers bar. We stopped into an Irish Pub for lunch. I had the shepherd’s pie which was amazing and authentic. Didn’t want to take a picture because I thought I would weird him out so I apologize for that. Then we took a walk through Boston Commons, which is the central park of Boston. Overall, it was a great weekend and I hope I can see more of Boston in the future.

Five Things

I learned this Summer (and some pics from Fenway):

1. The only thing that cleans glass is glass cleaner.  In my attempt to economize on cleaning supplies in my 3-month apartment lease I tried using a couple multi-surface cleaners on my bathroom mirror.  There were so many streaks and haziness that I could barely see myself.  Windex: is a good idea.2. I can actually live and breathe without having a TV in my apartment.  Who knew?  But I do love and greatly miss my TV that stayed in Virginia.  I will see it again soon!  I was extra sad not to have a TV during the Olympics.

3.  That being said, I did discover that The WB releases five re-runs of Gilmore Girls every week online, which made a great addition to my weeknight routine.  They do them in sequence so we started the summer finishing up the last season, and then started again from the first season.  It  was so relevant because the Gilmore Girls live in CT and the grandfather works in insurance just like me!  Connecticut is the insurance capital of the country!

4. I went to a baseball game at Fenway and learned something new about baseball.  Between innings the catcher from the bullpen comes out and warms up the right fielder.  Otherwise, the right fielder wouldn’t have a buddy to play catch with.  I think it’s kind of cute.  I’m not sure if this is specific to Fenway or the teams that were playing but it was the first time I noticed it.

5. I can do whatever I set my mind to.

PS- Check out my friend Elizabeth’s blog, I had a guest post on it yesterday!