In My Own Little Corner

This weekend I broke what has been kind of a Broadway draught for me.  My mom and I went to see the new production of Cinderella!  It’s not the Disney version, but rather the Rodgers and Hammerstein version that has only been shown as a TV movie.Great White Way

You know it, it’s the version that was most recently re-made with Brandy and Whitney Houston in 1997.  There are some great songs like “Ten Minutes Ago” and the “Stepsister’s Lament.”

It was a very enjoyable girly affair.  Definitely a show to see on a girl’s night, unless for some reason, your Prince Charming is willing to make the trip.  I thought overall the actors were good and they had nice voices. The costumes were elaborate, but I sort of wished they made a more artistic decision with all of the big dresses and done something a little more interesting.  Like do all the chorus girls in shades of the same color, rather than have one in each color of the rainbow.  I felt like they made some safer choices when it came to costumes and sets, which were fine, but they could have re-invented it in a better way.

The lead actress really looked like she walked out of Disney world.  She even had one dress that was very reminiscent of Belle’s gold dress from Beauty and the Beast.  The prince seemed a little nerdy at first, but he grew on me.  By the end, I felt like I wanted to be his Cinderella.

Hearing the songs again was very nostalgic, but they added a couple new ones that were not as great as the originals.  They also added a little political sub plot about helping the poor, and voting for a Prime Minister to advise the King. That part wasn’t my favorite. I felt like they tacked it on to beef up the plot, but I just want to see pretty dresses and balls and princes.

Something new to add to the wall!
Something new to add to the wall!

All in all a festive choice for a girl’s night out! Here’s to a lot more Broadway in my life this year!

Have you seen any good Broadway shows lately?

Sexy Sangria


Sexy Sangria

1 quart burgundy wine
1/2 -3/4 quart Sprite/7-Up (diet works just as well)
6 oz. orange juice
3 shots of Brandy
1 1/2 shots of Triple Sec
1/2 lemon squeezed
Lots of cut up fruit (apples, oranges, pear, etc)
Lots of Ice

Mix liquids together in a large pitcher. Place cut up fruit into the pitcher. Let fruit soak for at least an hour before serving. Enjoy! The drunken fruit is a delicious reward for drinking the pitcher! Check out this awesome glass that my friend, Karla, brought me. It was inspired for my love of the movie Magic Mike. Yes, there is not much plot in this film, but there is sure a lot of crazy, sexy, cool dancing that you don’t want to miss. Karla is also the source of this delicious recipe. Pair Magic Mike with Sexy Sangria and you have one scintillating night ahead of you!