Last Five

Songs I downloaded on iTunes- Dance video edition.

  1. You Don’t Know Me by Jax Jones feat. RAYE.

2. Instruction by Jax Jones feat. Demi Lovato.

3. If I’m Lucky by Jason DeRulo.

4. Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars.

5. Look But Don’t Touch by the Empire Cast.

Bonus: Pony by Party Pupils.

If you’re wondering how I waste time on YouTube- this is it. The above are just the tip of the iceberg…

Last Five

Songs I downloaded from iTunes.

1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. This one is hard to resist. Who doesn’t want and need some uptown funk in their lives? I heard it on the radio when I was waking up one morning and I knew I had to have it. This is going on the cooking music playlist for sure. Best lyric: “I’m too hot, I make a dragon want to retire.”

2. We All Want the Same Thing by Rixton. This was a Pandora find. It came up the other day and I thought it was catchy. These guys have had one medium radio hit recently, but I don’t know if this is reaching the Top 40 at this point.

3. Cross my Heart by Marianas Trench. Another Pandora find. I downloaded three songs by Marianas Trench this summer and I’m still listening to them constantly. Their sound is very similar to Fall Out Boy, and I love Fall Out Boy, so it all makes sense. It’s a great gym song.

4. Never Had a Dream Come True by S Club 7. I heard it randomly, and I needed it immediately. S Club 7 is good stuff from the middle school era of my life.

5. Hark the Herald Angels Sing by Pentatonix. My first Christmas song of the season! This version is an interesting combination of traditional, a cappella, and gospel. Their whole Christmas album is pretty solid, but I didn’t go crazy, because my Christmas repertoire is already pretty full of the songs they selected. I can’t make a mix with my five favorite versions of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” I wish they put out a few more songs.


PS- I’m seriously considering downloading Dangerous by David Guetta featuring Sam Martin, because I’ve heard it on the radio about 20 times in the last couple days and I like it (the video takes about 4 minutes for the actual song to start).