Top Three at the Philadelphia Auto Show

Today I went to the auto show in Philly with my dad, his friend and his friend’s son. Trust me when I say there was a lot more to look at than cars. The eye candy was more than a small town girl could ask for! Here are pics of my top three picks. My color scheme is quite patriotic.

1. Who can go wrong with a Bentley convertible?

2. I like Transformers and I love this Audi R8!

3. Whenever I see a Lambourghini it makes me think of the First Wives Club!

The Maserati convertible above and the turbo charged Cadillac below (I apologize for the blurriness) were runners up. I certainly wouldn’t mind owning them someday. They are all dream cars that I will never own because I am far too practical. But hey, that’s what dreams are for. What do you dream of?


A Car Worth Waiting For

Last week, I decided to go car shopping and on Monday I made the decision.  I needed to drive a Cadillac SRX.  Once I set foot in this beauty, there was no going back.  I traded in my five year old Mercury Mariner and never looked back.  Now, I have everything I could ever ask for in a car.  This car has heated seats and steering wheel, a built in phone system, remote control start, rear power lift gate and so much more.  I am ecstatic every time I sit behind the wheel.  Maybe this will inspire to see what car there is out there waiting for you!