Ice Cream Jubilee Cake

Here’s a cake that will simply make you smile. I know it makes me think of all the wonderful trips to the old fashioned ice cream parlor in Ocean City, NJ after a long night at the boardwalk. I would go there with my cousins and we would all order our favorite ice cream treats. Too be young again when the only worry in the world was if you should order your vanilla cone with chocolate or rainbow sprinkles!


Star Wars Cake

As you may have already concluded, Sadie has taken over my weekend blog spot for the summer.  I am bogged down at the bakery and don’t have much time for my own adventures.  Most of my blogging will be based around the bakery since it is my entire life during July and August.  Here is a cake I made last week and I thought it turned out pretty well.  Star Wars is not my thing but I think I convinced the customer that it was!

Avengers Cake

Here’s my work of art that I created today. I have been doing Wells’ birthday cakes for a few years now and it’s always a new challenge. He is a fan of action figures being included on his cake so he gets an extra bonus gift. Think about doing this for your child’s next birthday party!