Friends don’t let friends Drunk Facebook

Last night I made the classic mistake of messaging someone on Facebook after a night of drinking. I saw a certain fellow out who I haven’t seen in a while and of course I did not have his number. In an attempt to try and possibly meet up with him in the future, I decided to message him upon a friend’s suggestion. Great minds do not think alike after a few cocktails. Needless to say, I have not gotten a response to my bizarrely worded hint at meeting up in the near future. I hope I did not screw this one up because he is definitely a date worthy guy. I’ll keep you updated if there is any progress but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Take a tip from me…friends don’t let friends drunk Facebook!


Atlantic City, An Adult Wonderland

Yesterday I took a trip to AC with my mom.  Since I only live about 25 minutes from this destination, it is a place I go to more often than most.  I have celebrated 21st birthdays, college graduation, being a bachelorette (I’ll give a shout out to my happily married friends Lauren, Mimi, and Kylie), and of course any other reason you can think of as a reasonable excuse to blow money.  A casino is an easy way to remove yourself from your life momentarily and pretend that you are the princess of Monaco for a day.  You can dress yourself to the nines and be anyone you want to be and no one will ask questions.

I have had so many short lived romances in Atlantic City and know many other people who have as well.  In fact, one of my guy friends met a Russian princess while there and fell in love with her for the night.  In reality we all know that she was not a Russian princess, but no one was going to argue that point after shooting back three Lemon Drops.  Personally, I took a liking to who turned out to be a married man at my friend’s bachelorette party.  At the time, we were in an Irish bar with extremely dim lighting and a very fun band.  Before I knew it, he had turned me around and started making out with me.  He dragged me out of the bar, at which point, my friend Steph noticed that he was quite unattractive and that he had a wedding band on.  I guess I had my beer goggles on by that time of the night…Oops!

These are memories I will always look back on with a smile.  What I really want Atlantic City to give me at some point of my life is a truly romantic weekend that I can look back on with butterflies in my stomach.  My ultimate dream date is to go to Atlantic City with my main squeeze (I may not have one yet but I’m working on it).  We’ll go for a nice dinner at some fancy restaurant I have never been to before where we can drink wine and have mind-blowing conversations.  Then he’ll whisk me off to the casino floor, where he will act as my personal guide to the gambling world.  After the night is through, he we will ride the elevator to our room in anticipation of another mind-blowing experience 🙂

Do you think this is asking too much from a man?  I certainly hope not because the man who sweeps me off my feet is the one I am going to want to spend the rest of my life with.  I can tell you with certainty that I know I haven’t met him yet 😉