Spring Dress Trends: Pro/Con

There are certain patterns and fabrics that surface every spring. As usual, we’re seeing the typical lace, gingham, and nautical stripes but each with a 2017 twist. And get those shoulders ready, because they are front and center this year. I have seen the below trends all over every single store this season!

Spagetti Strap Triangle Top Lace Overlay

Pro: Even though it’s a standard lace overlay, it seems really fresh, and it’s a little sexier than the typical lace sheath (above from Anthro)

Con: Are there any? I guess it’s a little skimpy on top, so that might limit you if you’re looking for a more modest look

Verdict: I’m not sure if it will work for my body type but I love it a lot

Black and White Thin Stripe

Pro: Classic that is versatile, ageless, and timeless. It will be a workhorse (above from Banana)

Con: Definitely nothing new or interesting

Verdict: I’m thinking about it, there are some really cute off the shoulder versions out there…

One Shoulder Ruffle

Pro: Cute, feminine cut that is different than what you have in your closet right now (above from JCrew)

Con: Definitely a distinctive look that might look dated in a couple years, you might need parties with different friend groups to get the most out a dress like this

Verdict: A solid maybe if I find an occasion

Oversized Gingham

Pro: New take on a classic spring pattern (above from Ann Taylor)

Con: A very specific preppy look that probably only works at a daytime event

Verdict: Not really my style

Chunky Eyelet Lace

Pro: A fun variation on lace that can be dressed up or down (above from JCrew)

Con: I think eyelet is very season specific, it can really only do spring and some summer, it won’t be your biggest workhorse

Verdict: I’m willing

Off the Shoulder

Pro: Everywhere this year, so you can find the version of this trend that works for you whether it’s a shift, sheath, maxi, or jumpsuit (above from Loft)

Con: You have to have a reliable and comfortable strapless bra

Verdict: I’m all in

Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Pro: Jumpsuits are everything, and how comfortable does this look (above from Anthro)

Con: It’s not a great all-day look because every trip to the restroom is a lengthy event

Verdict: I especially want the one above

What dress trends are you trying this year?

Color for Spring

The weather is being fickle here in DC but when I get dressed for work, I’m ready for spring colors. Every morning I’m continually amazed with the high percentage of black and navy items in my wardrobe. I am now on the lookout for some printed or colorful dresses for work.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

This sheath from JCrew Factory is a great multi-tasker because you could wear it to work or events or casual weddings on the weekend.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

I love this printed sheath from Boden because it has a unique geometric print but it’s not too loud for work. It’s definitely a fresh take on the standard sheath.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

This Nic and Zoe dress is an instant easy outfit. I would pair it with a white or tan cardigan or blazer for work.

Sadie Dishes- Color For Spring

More flowers from Lands End. I think you pair it with a neutral blazer for work, and ditch the blazer for all those showers and brunches this spring and summer.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

How easy is this? The Loft is perfect for an easy wardrobe pick me up. This one is very affordable, machine washable, and a full outfit- no cardigan required. Plus, it’s easy to spice up with a colorful shoe. Done.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

Shirt dresses are very very in this year. I think this is a nice breezy Friday look for the spring and summer work weeks. This one is from Banana.


Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

It’s not work appropriate, but the denim shirt dress is a must for weekend attire this year. How can you tell? Every. Single. Store. has about five versions of it.

Holiday Party Attire: Evening Affairs

When I think evening holiday party, I think velvet, I think jewel tones, and I think bling. I shy away from my typical haunts like Ann Taylor or Banana Republic for special occasion dresses because I want to be a little more unique.

Work Party Dress


I think this Vince Camuto dress from Nordstrom is a great dress for evening work holiday parties because it’s flattering, fashion forward, but not risqué at all. It looks comfortable and it would be easy to accessorize. Plus it’s on sale at the moment!

Friend or Family Party Dress


This is a little more casual and not covered in sequins or Santa Claus. It’s giving me: I just threw this on with tights, and yet I’m the sharpest cousin/ grandchild/ high school classmate in the building. It’s Tory Burch on sale at Nordstrom. You could dress it up or dress it down, and also wear it to work.

anthro dress

For the fancier friend and family affairs, how fun is this number from Anthro? This a great combination of flattering, feminine, and comfortable (detecting a theme for my dress requirements?). Also, the emerald with the beading screams holiday. I think it would also be great for a fall or winter wedding guest dress.

New Years Eve Night Out Dress


Have I mentioned I’m from New Jersey? New Year’s Eve = Sexy & Metallic. I think this is a great night out dress for the occasion. This also works great in Vegas!

Wild Card

anther jumpsuit

Everyone does a lace overlay dress, but what if you did a lace overlay jumpsuit? For those who enjoy a jumpsuit, I think it’s a good mix of the classic lace look and the modern silhouette. It’s a great alternative to a holiday party cocktail dress!