Hits and Misses

Tis the season to refresh the wardrobe! As usual, some items have worked out better than others. I’m getting really good at this returning thing because I refuse to keep anything that doesn’t fit and flatter. This is the boring work edition, but I’m sure there will be a few Hits and Misses posts in our future with workout and weekend clothes as well.


Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I looooove white blouses. I’m always looking for a new style to add to the repertoire. This one from Ann Taylor definitely fit the bill. It looks great buttoned to the top or with one or two buttons undone. It’s great with my slacks and pencil skirts for work.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I’ve been a little hot and cold with Banana lately, but I’ve learned that their tailored sheath dresses usually work for me. The seaming detail add a little interest to a standard sheath, and the color is neutral but not black or navy. It is rather fitted, but it works and it looks good with a cardigan or blazer.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

Another sheath success story. This one is from Ann Taylor. I don’t have a lot of olive so I was excited to broaden the color spectrum in my closet. It’s a great layering piece for fall and winter. I layered an ivory bow tie blouse under it last week and I got several compliments. I think the split neckline will also look great with a turtleneck, collared shirt, or by itself with a cardigan.


Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

While the tailored sheaths work well for me at Banana, I always seem to be between sizes in the knit dresses. I got my usually size and there was too much fabric. It definitely added bulk. Return.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

This skirt is very trendy and it was on sale so I was excited to try it on. Unfortunately the stiffness of the faux leather combined with the midi length (it was a little longer on me than it was on the model), it just looked awkward and stiff. Oh well, next time.

Sadie Dishes: Hits and Misses

I tried this blouse on in the store because I decided I need a variety of blouses that can tuck in to pants and skirts, and ones that are built not to tuck in. I thought it would be a little blousey, hide a multitude of sins, but still be flattering. This one just made me look pregnant. Not the look I’m going for.

Fall Work Clothes

When is comes to fashion, fall is the most wonderful time of the year! I’ll be honest, I don’t necessarily consider everything I where to work “fashionable” due to dress code and price tag restrictions, but let’s just pretend! Over the summer I shopped primarily at JCrew Factory and Gap, but now it looks like I’m back on the Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Loft, and Nordstrom wagon. Don’t forget, all of these places (except Nordstrom) will put almost everything on 40% off at some point, so don’t buy anything full price! If you can’t tell, I’ve been trying to refresh my pant selection, and get some good basics to mix and match for years to come. Next time I’ll have to focus on some statement blouses and sweaters!

Banana Republic:

I think I need all of their Sloan pants. They are polished but stretchy, so very comfortable. I don’t love dragging around a wide trouser and getting salt and snow all over my pants, so I think these will an be easier year round pant to wear with heels or flats. (sorry I said the “s” word!)


This version is high waist, black, side zip. Say no more! (zippers at the ankles!)


I am also on the lookout for a new bright white blouse. I wear white blouses at least twice a week but I’ve noticed most of my options are more ivory than white, and sometimes you need an optic white. Plain, I know, but I will wear the hell out of it.


Ann Taylor:

I recently ordered this tweed blazer when the “new arrivals” were on sale. I think it will be a nice year round jacket to wear over dresses and with slacks and a blouse. Plus the tweed makes it very fall.

tweed jacket

This skirt intrigues me. I love leather, and I think it’s cool to have faux leather in color!



I bought these pants in two colors. A similar concept to the Sloan pants from Banana but a machine washable fabric! Count me in!



I got a Karen Kane faux wrap dress last year, and I love it. I love wearing dresses to work because it’s a one piece outfit, and that’s 100% true with a Karen Kane dress because the print and the sleeves mean you can go with out without a cardigan/blazer, and you still look put together. On top of that, it’s a really flattering silhouette and I always get compliments. Since it’s a cotton dress, it does wear out a little over time, so I think I need a new Karen Kane to add to the rotation. Some of her prints are a little questionable, but I like this one this season.



I’m sure these stores have a few more batches of “new arrivals” to come this fall, so I can’t wait to see what’s next!

What are you looking to get for work this season?