Keeping Up With My Correspondence

As someone who frequents Paper Source and the Post Office on the regular, I love both shopping for stationary and mailing things to my friends and family. This past time has become almost a lifeline during the pandemic since we can’t see anyone in person.

While I love Paper Source, and I’m constantly ordering custom address labels, notepads, and stationary; I shop there so much I get a little bored of their greeting card selection. And honestly, it’s tough browsing cards online. I really love funny cards so I’ve started branching out to some specific card companies to widen the selection.

Here are my top 3 greeting card companies that you need to check out:

Sapling Press

Sapling Press is all about the simple typography, no pictures, but these cards are hilarious. I recommend checking out the Humor category. They are perfect if you want to send your friends something snarky that will make them laugh immediately. Looks like you get a discount if you order a bunch at once.

Emily McDowell

Another hilarious card company. They not only have great funny cards, but amazing empathy cards that are a little more frank than the standard sympathy cards. They also have some great motivational cards that are fun rather than mushy. Looks like they also have a buy more and save deal!

Frank & Funny

Again, these are hilarious cards. They’re a little more clever than the above two companies, so- a little more grown up. They have some great birthday cards, but also some great general funny cards. These ones are all about the funny inside message. I highly recommend.

Let me tell you, I love nothing more than putting cards in the mail. I love the idea that I’m about to make someone’s day. So go order some fun stamps, ask your friends for their mailing addresses and send out some smiles!