The Real Reason

The real reason I went to Milan with my family a few weeks ago was to see my cousin play football. American football that is. I know what you’re thinking: jump back, American football in Milan? Why, yes. There is an American football league in Italy and my cousin is playing for the Milano Seamen (Side note: the mascot names are ridiculous throughout the league).

It rained the night of game, which is typical. Whenever we have seen my cousin play football, a monsoon tends to roll through town. We’re lucky like that. The game was in an old velodrome (a cycling stadium). Lucky for us, the spectator section was covered, unlucky for the players, the field was exposed to the elements.

Aside from the weather, however, the game was quite the fun affair. The crowd was rather sizable, and very invested in the game. It was a fun experience. My cousin was in almost every play on both offense and defense. There are about two or three American players on each team and they get a lot playing time. My cousin made some great plays, and got thoroughly beat up because the American basically have a target on their back. But they were the underdogs and they won. Yay! Here’s a little taste of the scene:the actionthe crowd the cuz post game celebration  program


I got the opportunity to take a trip to Milan a couple weeks ago. In case you don’t know, the main thing to see in Milan is the Duomo which I’ve heard is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. I may or may not have been wearing shorts on the day we planned to tour the inside of the cathedral (which kept me on the outside of the cathedral). Shorts are apparenlty a major catholic no-no, my bad. But a couple days later in the trip we got the opportunity to walk on the roof of the cathedral. What!?!? Walking on the roof of a cathedral is where it’s at. Here are some pics:A good shopping street first sight of the Duomo Looking Up Looking Up again A Famous and Elaborate Cemetary Cemetary Again Duomo From the Roof the roof Fancy Roof Looking Down Architecture The Tippy TopRoof Look out on the city