Where I Got That

I’ve noticed that I tend to go to the same stores for the same items. Do you do that too? There are always exceptions, but often when I need a blouse I go here, when I want a new jacket I go there. You know what I mean?

Gap: I think I’m a little old for the Gap but I love it for tees, tanks, shorts, and sometimes jeans. Basically weekend wear. They usually have some cute but comfortable casual shirts, and they’re always on sale.

Ann Taylor: I buy a lot of blouses for work from Ann Taylor. I like them because they’re work appropriate but usually machine washable. It doesn’t hurt that they often have sales. I also buy an assortment of pencil skirts and the occasional sheath dress or dress pant.

Loft: I’ll buy inexpensive, washable sweaters and tops from Loft. Sometimes I’ll get a pair of pants, but their shorts don’t fit me. The sweaters aren’t the best quality but if I get them on sale I’m ok if they only last a season or two. They have solid good looking long cardigans this season! I also like their Lou and Grey line for comfy attire.

Banana Republic: Banana is my spot for dress pants. I also get a bunch of dresses and the occasional blazer or blouse there as well. It’s mainly work attire for me. I’m not really into their jeans, and their sweaters are often too pricey or too fussy.

JCrew: I have four pairs of the same jeans in different washes from JCrew. I also love a JCrew suit and the occasional work dress. I try to wait for the 30% off sales.

JCrew Factory: This is my go to for shorts and washable summer sweaters and cardigans. I’m buying less and less from Factory these days because I don’t think the quality is that great, but sometimes you don’t need the fanciest version.

Anthropologie: I’ll get the occasional statement piece from Anthro, but I often only get earrings and scarves there. I think it’s more my style to wear a really classic neutral outfit with interesting accessories.

Nordstrom: Coats are my favorite thing. I usually buy them from Nordstrom along with shoes and a special occasion dress from time to time.

Lands End: Lands End is great option for sweaters and sporty outerwear. As chic as the new athleisure brands are, Lands End athletic outerwear options are a lot more affordable and functional. An oldie, but a goodie.

So those are the heavy hitters, but you know I’m always keeping my eyes open on all the department stores, some newer places like South Moon Under, shoes spots like DSW and Nine West, and all of the athletic apparel spots!

What are your standby brands/ stores?

New Things at Lands’ End

Lands’ End likes to email me about every day to tell me about their sales and new things. I don’t buy too much from Lands’ End, but I like to keep an eye on it. Starting about a month ago they started hyping a new collection that was coming soon. It was a little mysterious because they gave no release date, and they just had a couple sample pictures of the new line.

Sadie Dishes- New Things at Lands' End

Turns out they revamped and relaunched their Canvas line which is a slightly younger, more fashion forward line that they’ve had on and off for the last few years. It used to be more collegiate/preppy but they’re definitely rebranding. I don’t think it’s all quite my style but I was taken aback by some of the choices they made. There are fashionable jumpsuits, crop tops, and even open back dresses. It’s not the Lands’ End you used to know.

Sadie Dishes- New Things at Lands' End

I love the fresh and simple silhouettes, the clean basics, and all the black and white options. I’m not so keen on the primary color, color scheme on several items, and the juvenile star print on several items. I’m hope the next round of color and prints are more up my ally. The price point seems to be higher than the standard Lands End stuff, and basically on par with the Ann Taylor’s of the world. I’m hoping these items aren’t restricted from the regular Lands’ End sales.

Sadie Dishes- New Things at Lands' End

I think this model just has the one pose.

Word to the wise- I find Lands’ End clothing to run large, but I think this Canvas line is closer to the Bananas, Ann Taylors, and Anthros of the world, so don’t feel the need to size down if you usually do.

Color for Spring

The weather is being fickle here in DC but when I get dressed for work, I’m ready for spring colors. Every morning I’m continually amazed with the high percentage of black and navy items in my wardrobe. I am now on the lookout for some printed or colorful dresses for work.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

This sheath from JCrew Factory is a great multi-tasker because you could wear it to work or events or casual weddings on the weekend.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

I love this printed sheath from Boden because it has a unique geometric print but it’s not too loud for work. It’s definitely a fresh take on the standard sheath.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

This Nic and Zoe dress is an instant easy outfit. I would pair it with a white or tan cardigan or blazer for work.

Sadie Dishes- Color For Spring

More flowers from Lands End. I think you pair it with a neutral blazer for work, and ditch the blazer for all those showers and brunches this spring and summer.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

How easy is this? The Loft is perfect for an easy wardrobe pick me up. This one is very¬†affordable, machine washable, and a full outfit- no cardigan required. Plus, it’s easy to spice up with a colorful shoe. Done.

Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

Shirt dresses are very very in this year. I think this is a nice breezy Friday look for the spring and summer work weeks. This one is from Banana.


Sadie Dishes- Color for Spring

It’s not work appropriate, but the denim shirt¬†dress is a must for weekend attire this year. How can you tell? Every. Single. Store. has about five versions of it.