It’s Pants Weather

I have many friends who really enjoy wearing tights in the winter. I do not. I will do it on occasion, when they outfit and the weather requires it, but when the temperature drops- it’s pants time for me.

To my credit, however, I do my best to keep the pants interesting. I have many of the standard navy and black options, but I try to broaden the typical pant color pallet. I have not one, but three pair of pink pants, all in different shades. It can be tough finding pants that flatter your figure. I’ve been sticking to a slimmer leg lately, but I throw in the occasional trouser when needed. Here are a few that have worked well for me this winter.

JCrew’s Cameron Slim Crop

The inseam is a little short (hence the “crop” label), but these are a good standard pencil pant that come in some cute colors. I have a bright blue (so hot right now), and kind of dark chambray. I waited until they were on sale. I would imagine (or hope) they’ll keep the silhouette and bring in some new colors this spring. Also, they are machine wash!!!

Loft’s Pencil Pant in Marisa Fit

These are one of the shades of pink I have. Muted pink tones are really trendy right now, and The Loft is perfect for trend shopping because I spent less than $50 on them. And once again, machine washable!

JCrew’s Martie Slim Crop

These are a little closer to what I would call a pixie pant than the Cameron above. They have a side zip instead of a fly for a sleeker silhouette. They’re basically a more structured legging that’s not quite as clingy as a true legging. I got them in navy. Also, machine washable (do you see a trend)!

Banana Republic’s Devin Fit Legging

Though these are called a legging, their fabric is a little more work appropriate. The fabric is thicker, and therefor leaves a little more to the imagination than a typical cotton/spandex legging. These are a Friday pant for me. I have them in black and light gray. Machine washable!!!

Ann Taylor’s Double Cloth Devin Fit Ankle Pant

These are slightly less body conscious than the other options even though it’s a similar fit. For whatever reason, I wear these pants when I’m out of ideas and I just need pants and a blouse that I can be comfortable in all day at work. I like that I can tuck a blouse into them or wear a sweater that does tuck in, and both options look good. Ann Taylor is always on sale, so it’s easy to find them at 50% off. I have them in black and olive. Again, no dry cleaning needed.

Did you notice that they’re all machine washable? Most similar styles used to be dry clean only at these retailers. I think retailers took a hint that people are tired of paying to dry clean every last thing. I’m happy they caught on, and I hope that all of these hold up in the wash!

Spring Pants and Skirt Trends: Pro/Con

Forget the statement tops for a second, because it’s time to add some color and ruffles below the belt now! More is always more!

Colored Jeans

Pro: A comfy way dress up jeans a little, you could probably fool some people at work if jeans are usually considered too casual (above from Banana)

Con: I love standard denim because it goes with almost everything, but adding color narrows those options

Verdict: I’m thinking something in a mint

Embroidered Jeans

Pro: A fresh take on denim with a retro vibe (above from Nordstrom)

Con: Definitely a statement that might look dated in five minutes

Verdict: Hard pass

Tie Waist Pants or Shorts

Pro: Makes a shorts and a tee shirt look more of a thoughtful outfit since the shorts are more interesting (above from Loft)

Con: You have to be ok with drawing attention to your waist, and you might have to tuck in your shirt to make it work (or at least a half tuck)

Verdict: Not sold, but never say never

Accordion Pleat Midi Skirt

Pro: A breezy, feminine option that is comfortable and forgiving (above from Nordstrom)

Con: This is going to be the focal point of your outfit, so you have to plan everything else around it. It’s not like throwing on a pair of skinny jeans

Verdict: This skews a little too girly for me, but I won’t rule it out

Wrap/Ruffle Skirt

Pro: A nice flirty twist on the classic skirt silhouettes (above from Loft)

Con: Depending on the style, if you’re pear shaped this might throw proportions in the wrong direction for you

Verdict: I’ve seen some pencil skirt versions with a front diagonal ruffle that would be great with a very simple shirt for work

What trends are you trying this Spring?

Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

Every Fall we see very similar trends with pants and skirts when it comes to colors and fabrics. The jewel tones, tweeds, plaid, and herringbone always signify the season. I’m willing to embrace more trends for shirts (especially when there’s a good sale), but pants and skirts are all about fit for me, so I want to invest in something timeless. That said, there are some consistent looks this season that will flatter and won’t immediately date themselves.

Wide Leg Trousers

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

This trend has been brewing for the last couple years. It almost doesn’t qualify as a trend, but wide leg trousers are just everywhere right now. A high rise wide leg trouser can be a very flattering and timeless look, which makes it a great option. I would rate this trend as very accessible. This is an easy choice for work with a tie neck blouse and cardigan or cropped blazer.

Pink Pants

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

Along with all the standard fall colors: burgundy, navy, and grey, every store seems to have at least one or two pairs of pink pants this Fall. The plus here is that pink will easily work year ’round, as long as you’re willing to make the pink statement. I think the pale blush pink is a nice feminine spin on khaki. It doesn’t hurt that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Cropped Pants

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

Ankle pants have been very popular for the last few years, but the hem seems to be getting higher. Cropped pants come in a variety of silhouettes this year from slim to wide leg. The cropped pant is not my best look because it often ends right at the widest part of my calf. It seems like they’re better for a lanky leg, unless you swing the other direction and go wide leg to almost mimic the look of a long skirt. It would definitely be a more fashion forward choice.

Pleated Skirts

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Tops!

Pleated skirts are showing up in every length this year from mini to midi to long. It’s also done in so many different fabrications, colors and patterns. I think this is a great look for work or a more civilized affair on the weekend. Definitely more weekend friendly than the pencil skirt, in my opinion. This is another one, if you get a good neutral, you’ll definitely get to wear it all year because it’s great with tights or bare legs!

Front Slit Pencil Skirts

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

Every pencil skirt this year ends slightly below the knee and has a slit either in front of the left knee or right in the middle. I really like this look as long as the slit isn’t too crazy. I’ll probably add a couple of these to my repertoire this year because it seems perfect for work paired with a simple blouse and heels.

Wrap Skirts

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

There are a lot of variations on the wrap and faux wrap skirt this year. This is always a staple in dresses, but it’s really strong in the skirt area right now. Some of the options out there are real wrap skirts, some are faux with ruffles down the front, and some basically skirt origami. There are definitely work  and weekend options out there. It’s a really versatile look that has a million interpretations.

Front button A-line Skirts

Sadie Dishes: Fall Shopping: Pants and Skirts!

This is a more casual look, perhaps for weekend wear. It screams fall because most of the examples I’ve seen are either corduroy, suede, or denim, and very retro. Because of the detail in the front, I think it would be perfect with a plain turtleneck, tights, and some boots. No sweat.

Next up we’ll do dresses or blazers or accessories! Stay tuned!