Five Things

I miss about college:

1. Sunday brunch at the cafeteria (and the cafeteria in general).  A dress code of sweats and pajamas, an unbelievable brunch spread, people watching, and epic recaps of the previous night’s activities.  Need I say more?

2. Living with, next door, or within short walking distance of all of my friends.  Friendship in college is a singular experience.  Spontaneous hang out sessions cannot be beat. I certainly still value my friendships, but the effort required to coordinate schedules and locations is not great.

3. Built in activity options.  Between the parties, sports games, and concerts, college made it so easy to fill your schedule with fun things to do when you weren’t in class.  Even though I went to school in the middle of no where Pennsylvania, my college was still pulled some great concerts, and could throw a frat party with the best of them.

4. Water Polo practice.  I played varsity water polo in college and even though we had some grueling practice schedules, I miss it.  I miss the early wake-ups, the built-in work out, the outlet for my aggression, and most of all: the team camaraderie.  I made some of the best friends of my life on that team.

5.  Having minimal “real life” problems.   Although life in college always seemed to be on a budget, it still seems cush compared to what life is like today.  I didn’t have to worry about utility bills, health insurance, commuting to work, budgeting vacation days, I could go on…

This list is in celebration of the fact that my five year reunion is rapidly approaching this summer!  I’m driving back to Virginia today to start the second half of my first year of business school.  Alas, it is not the same as college.  I will, however, be reunited with the cord that connects my camera to my computer, so there are plenty more colorful posts on the horizon.