Bang, Bang Wednesday

On Wednesday, it was my dad’s 65th birthday.  My mom and I decided to take him out to dinner and a movie.  We saw Man on a Ledge which was a variation of the Italian Job and Mission Impossible.  Although, the I must say that Man on a Ledge did lack the hunky men that both of those movies featured.  If Channing Tatum was the star, it would have ranked a lot higher on my rating scale. (By the way, I can’t wait for the Vow to come out…Happy Valentine’s Day to me!)  Overall, I would say Man on a Ledge was a highly entertaining movie and worth the matinee admission fee.

The best part of the night was our trip to Bonefish Grill.  As always it was fabu! (as Scott Disick would say) It is a heaping pile of lightly battered fried shrimp smothered in a fiery, mayonnaise sauce.  And lucky for the Wednesday customers, it is featured at the bargain price of $5.  My sister works at a Bonefish and she told me that there are patrons that come in only for the bang bang shrimp.  Sometimes they will get two orders for themselves and pretend its their entree.  I think moderation is a good thing in this case because I can’t imagine how many WeightWatchers points are in one order alone.  Take my suggestion and order it for the table, which leaves plenty of room for you to get the salmon with fresh mango salsa.  Here’s a picture of what you’ve been missing out on minus a few shrimp because I couldn’t resist temptation before capturing the moment.

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