I wish Miss Shirley was my neighbor…

This weekend I visited Kylie, a sorority sister from college.  Kylie and I have many things in common but the most important thing is that we both have a great appreciation for food.  When I make the trip down to her residence in Bowie, Kylie and her husband always take me out to the best “foodie” places.  Once on a trip into DC they took me to Marvin’s Bistro and Bar (I had the most delicious shrimp and grits) and the Gibson (where they served the most delicious fizzy drinks).  This time Kylie and her husband took me into Annapolis for the most amazing brunch ever!

Let me tell you about Miss Shirley’s.  It looks like a regular restaurant on the inside.  Nothing in the decor really sticks out but right away you can tell that there is something different in the air.  When you look around the room, there are only smiling faces.  The customers waiting for a table look happy and even the staff look happy to be at work.  Well no wonder!  I’m sure they love reaping the benefit of being around comfort food.  Everything on the menu sounded scrumptious.  And believe me it just wasn’t the well-thought out description.  There was proof in the pudding when I tasted my meal.  I had a southern classic of chicken and waffles.  If you’re ever in the Baltimore/Annapolis area you have to check it out!

Benne Seed Fried Boneless Breast of Chicken Pieces & a Honey-Mustard Aioli Drizzle on White Cheddar-Green Onion Waffles with Peppadew-Jalapeno Butter


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