A safe house is not always appropriate for a baby…

Yesterday I went to a matinee with my parents after a stop to Famous Dave’s for lunch of course (the St. Louis style ribs are the best you can find in south jersey). We went to the 1:20 showing of Safe House.  Usually when I go to a matinee, I find that there are usually only about 15 other people in the theater with us.  Today was a bit different.  The movie theater was moderately filled this time.  I guess Denzel Washington is a big draw for some people.  I take into account that it was the first day it was released as well.

I never thought I would ever be sitting next to a 18-month year old in a booster seat in a rated R movie.  Well yesterday I was proven wrong.  I now realize why our county is as regulated as it is.  It’s because there are ridiculous people like these parents that think it is appropriate to take a tiny tot to the movies because you can’t find a babysitter.  Every time the gunshots went off in the plotless movie, all i could think about was the child’s eardrums bursting in the seat next to me.  After viewing this movie, I am not only worried about Denzel’s reputation, but I worry about people’s parenting decisions.  So when you are trying to decide wether or not to see Safe House, I’d say just stay home and watch Man on Fire instead (now on Demand through Cinemax).  But if you do decide to go, please leave the children behind at home with a responsible adult.

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