Round Two Recipe

I had three fourths of a ball of yarn left over from the blanket that I made for my mom, so I turned it into this:

It’s a cowl!  Please excuse the end of the day lack of make up and enthusiasm…  But cowls are one of my favorite things to crochet because they are so fast, easy, and comfy.  They keep my neck cozy, and it’s a great way to finish off a ball of yarn.  I hate when I have an awkward amount of yarn leftover from a project.  Problem solved.

I got this simple recipe from a pattern on the Lion Brand yarn website.  Check it out, there are a lot of free patterns if you register.  All it takes is a user name and a password.

PS- There wasn’t a lot of color on the red carpet this year at the Grammy’s.  It was all metallic, white, and black dresses.  I didn’t hate it.  Who wore this look best?  The whole pale/gold embellished dress seemed to be in this year at the Grammy’s.

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