There’s a Ninja in the Kitchen

I must say that I am always flipping to QVC when there are commercial breaks.  One of my favorite shows to watch on QVC is In the Kitchen with David (I admit I am a fan on Facebook).  David Venable is the host and he is on every Sunday afternoon and every Wednesday night.  I love watching the demonstrations on QVC, especially with my mom because we can always get a good laugh at the over-exaggerated demos that David and his guest give.  I always got a kick out of the Ninja blender demo in particular because David tries to convince people that it is a gazillion appliances in one tiny machine.  A few examples that they give are cookie dough maker, ice cream maker, and food processor.  While I can understand the food processor, I’m a little unsure of the first two that I listed.  Let’s just say that my prayers have been answered and I no longer have to wonder.  My mom got sucked into David’s seductive ways and decided to buy a Ninja blender for me.

Here’s what I can tell you after using the Ninja for two days now.  I simple love it!  If you decide to purchase one appliance in the near future it should be the Ninja.  QVC has the best prices on most items that they sell.  My mom got me the 40 oz. model that has the two travel drink cups that are included.  That is the best part about that machine because it is the ultimate Magic Bullet.  I plan on making a smoothie everyday before work for my breakfast on the go.  What a great way to start the day!

I could go on and on about this product but fortunately for you (and me) I have a St. Patrick’s Day block party to get to.  Check the Ninja blender out.  You can watch the demo yourself!

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