Wish List

If my birthday was this month (wink, nudge), the following things would probably make me smile.

1. Silpat (or two):  For three reasons: 1. My name is Sadie and I’m addicted to baking, 2. Silpats make my baking more sustainable, I won’t be throwing away so much parchment, and 3. I can take parchment off the grocery list.


2. Kitchen Timer:  Simple, yet important.  My oven does not have a timer and it has made for a lot of guessing games.  What time did I put that in?  Should I get up and check the oven?  What time was it when I decided they needed five more minutes?  Is that too burnt to eat/ give to friends to eat?

3.  Macbook: I know, this is a big-ticket item, and I have a PC that I use for school.  But I have a mac for home and it’s starting so show it’s age.  The battery only lasts for an hour if I’m lucky, it’s now closer to off-white, and it gets over heated when I go to Hulu.  I just want a new little silver one that I can play around with.


4. Smartphone: Because I currently still reside in the dark ages and it’s getting inconvenient.  I’m certainly not the person who waits for the new phone models to come out.  At this point, I just want to be able to check my e-mail and don’t want to have to rely on my friends and family to use their phones to find a restaurant’s phone number when we’re on the go.  iPhone please.

5. Nice Potholder: that doesn’t have menorahs or jack-o-lanterns, and isn’t partially burnt or melted.  Just something that’s pretty and practical, but not cumbersome.  Potholders have tended to be cheesy holiday themed presents to me in the past.


6. Watch: I like watches.  The bigger and funkier, the better.  This is my current everyday watch, and I’m obsessed with it!

7.  Camera: I know nothing about cameras, but I want one that is better at focusing and dealing with different lighting situations.  But not too complicated.  Whatever that may be.

8. New Rainbow Flip Flops.  I wear them all day, every day (when I’m not at work), and my current pair are starting to show their age.  They’ve had a good five year run, I’m not mad at them.

My Wildest Dream:

Raspberry Ice Kitchenaid Standing Mixer

Few things are this pretty.

I hope I have provided you an option within your price range.   My main rule for presents is no clothing because it will not fit, and to be honest, I probably won’t like it.  And when in doubt: flowers.

Do you have any rules or guidlines for your loved ones when it comes to giving you presents?  What’s on your wish list for the next gift giving holiday on your calendar?

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