A Ghoulish Garnish

Today, I finally got the chance to decorate the house for Halloween.  It was time to put away the beach decor and begin the pumpkin primping.  I have a collection of decorations that have been passed down to me and those that I have bought myself.  The eclectic mix makes for a good start.  Over the years, I intend to add a decoration or two more to trim the house.  My favorite decorations so far are the ceramic witch and haunted house that light up.  They were made by my mom when she was younger at a ceramic studio.  They are irreplaceable and it is something that is a timeless piece that I will be able to pass down to my children.  I also like the Bethlehem lighting pieces from QVC.  The wreath and the garland are from this company and they are not only beautiful on their own but when they are lit at night it provides a great ambience for any occasion.  Happy October everyone!

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