Top Three…

Favorite new shows of the season:

1. Emily Owens, M.D.

This show starts Mamie Gummer, who just happens to be the great Meryl Streep’s daughter.  Mamie resembles her mother’s looks and had inherited her wonderful acting skills as well.  Prior to this show, I have seen her on episodes of The Good Wife and also as a cast member of Off the Map.  She shines in this role of a slightly socially awkward doctor who has a crush on a coworker who went to med school with her.  When she tells him that she likes him more than a friend, she finds out that he does not feel the same way.  She now has to come to terms with that fact that he is always going to be a friend to her.  I’m sure she’s not the only one who has been in this situation!

2. Nashville

Hayden Panettiere serves up a great role as the young country startlet who is overtaking the veteran  star’s place on the country charts.  This show sizzles with scandal.  Hayden’s singing isn’t too bad either.  Her songs from the show are even being featured on the country stations and can be found on iTunes.  I think she has found her career as a true country star.

3. Arrow

This show is an adaptation of the comic book.  It reminds me of the Batman series.  A wealthy young man decides to become a vigilante to make his city a better place for everyone.  He was shipwrecked on an island where he seems to gain his strength and endurance.  He has a list of people that he got from his father of who he needs to take down.  One by one, he will turn his city back into to its original state with the help of the DA/former girlfriend played by Katie Cassidy, who I first saw in the recent version of Melrose Place.  I certainly wouldn’t mind it if he saved me because he is one handsome hero.

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