Five Things

I will miss about my grad school after I graduate.

5. The pleasant weather and quaint atmosphere of Williamsburg, VA.  While Williamsburg is certainly lacking some key things like a good mall, or any form of entertainment besides bars and bowling, I will miss it. The Winters are definitely more mild, and the Fall and Spring are filled with beautiful days. I’ll miss my Friday errands in town running around to the little businesses.

4. The Breaks. This is a no brainer because I’ll never get a month off for Winter break or a random week off in the Spring to just relax.  I hate planning out PTO days.

3. The Business Casual Dress Code. I actually complained about having to dress nicely for school (basically just no casual jeans or sweats), but I’ll probably have to dress even nicer for my real life job. So I’m going to miss my colorful business casual outfits when I’m stuck with dress pants and heels…

2. The Daily School Schedule. I definitely had my fill of busy weeks with lots of meetings, but the level of freedom that comes with only about three hours of class everyday is nice.  But I won’t miss the homework, that’s for sure.

1. The People.  Duh. I will miss all the great friends I’ve made over the course of two years.  I’m really going to do my best to keep in touch!

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