A Little Obsessed…

So a *few* years ago I saw the musical Jersey Boys on Broadway as kind of a 21st birthday party. I know, I’m wild. I actually did the traditional night out for my 21st, then went to see the show during a break from school a few months later.

I digress.

Jersey-Boys Bway

I loved Jersey Boys on Broadway! I made my friends and family listen to Frankie Valli songs for months after I saw it. I think there were mixed feelings about this development, because if you’re not in the mood for Frankie, you might not be a happy camper. He has a very specific sound…


This summer I was so excited to hear it was coming to the big screen. I realize this is belated because it came out last month, but I love it! I am obsessed all over again! It has all of my favorite things: New Jersey, a boy band, 1950’s/1960’s era, music, and everybody has a phenomenal Jersey accent. I will take a NJ/NY accent over an exotic foreign accent any day of the week.


I was so excited to see that they cast three out of the four Four Seasons with actors from the various casts of the stage production. And Frankie is the Frankie that I saw in the original cast on Broadway. John Lloyd Young is the best! Clint Eastwood directed it, and kept it very similar to the stage production. And unlike many “juke box” musicals that incorporate a band’s songs into a  random storyline (i.e. “Mamma Mia” or “Movin’ Out”), this is just the story of the band and they preform the songs when they perform in the story. So it’s a musical, but the singing is not in spontaneous outbursts. It all makes sense.


I went to see the movie with a good friend from Jersey, and by the end we were both picking out our favorite band member (mine is Frankie/John Lloyd Young). It was just like we were 13 picking our favorite member of ‘NSYNC or BSB. Boy band fangirl rituals are completely transcendent, no matter what the era!

Go see it! If you need someone to go with, take me! I would see it a million times!