Coat Shopping

I love a great coat, and here’s why:

1. During the colder months you probably rely on a couple coats to wear everyday. They better be sturdy and classic, but fabulous.

2. Your coat is often the first and last thing your co-workers, friends, and family see you wearing during cold winter days. You want to leave the right impression.

I’m always in the market for a great wool coat that is stylish, classic, work appropriate, and well made. I love a zipper as opposed to buttons, and an asymmetric zipper at that. I say no to hoods, and I tend to go with fitted as opposed to swing or cocoon. I have a red coat that I love, and a black coat that does the job, so I’m always looking to diversify.

Here are a couple coats I’ve been stalking at Nordstrom waiting for a sale. What do you think?

This one by Marc New York meets all of my requirements and it doesn’t even break the bank at full price at $198. It’s probably number one on my list:



I also love this one by Michael Kors. I’ve decided that grey or blue are my best options to diversify my coat color options. This is a little pricier than above at $27o.


And then over at Bloomies and a little north of my price range:

This DKNY coat is a little pricey for me at $360, but it does fit all of my criteria, and it pretty fabulous.


And can we talk about This DL2 camel coat at $599. I’m not as familiar with Dawn Levy, but I like her already. I cannot get enough of camel in the fall and winter.


Here’s hoping for a Veterans day coat sale!


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