The Divine Miss M.

I asked my grandmother about six months ago: if you could be any movie star, who would you want to be?

Guess who she said: Bette Midler.

So I guess this is hereditary.

When I was in middle school and my family got our first CD player (am I dating myself?), we used to check CDs out from the public library. My favorite CD to checkout from the library was Experience the Divine- Greatest Hits. I will never get enough of that album.

When I heard that Bette Midler put out a new CD, It’s the Girls, covering some of the greatest girl group songs of all time, I felt like the stars had aligned. I could write a review on the album without even listening to it. There is no way I would not like this album.


She covers a couple Carole King songs, the Ronettes, the Supremes, TLC, and so many other classics. I love a good cover of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” and she does a great one.

This could not come at a better time. I am definitely in the market for cooking music for Thanksgiving.


And guess what. Nana will be there too!

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