Wanted: New and Pretty Spring and Summer Outfits

Even though we still have a couple solid months of chilly temperatures ahead of us, I have already been browsing the stores for lighter fabrics, shorter hemlines, and fun warm weather patterns. All of my usual haunts have started to put out their spring and summer lines, so here are some basics that are on my wish list so far:

For Work:


These pants from J.Crew are colorful, chic, and machine washable. Enough said. With dress pants I’ve realized that I need to try them on before I buy (I usually avoid trying things on). So I will definitely be finding some time to visit a J.Crew in the coming months to make sure I pick the right fit.


This dress from Ann Taylor is pretty simple, but I love a good sheath and I could easily pair it with a bright cardigan or a plain blazer and wear it clear into the fall. Easy peasy.


Black and white seems to be on trend this spring, surprise, surprise. This hits all of my requirements for a work shirt: blousey (forgiving), white, unique geometric print, and timeless. Plus it easily doubles as a casual look with jeans.

For Play:


J.Crew Factory is killing it right now! I have a similar slub sweater from there that I got last year. I wear it all the time and I think I need a new color. Other cute things from J.Crew Factory include: this, and I need stock up on these.


Here’s another need from J.Crew Factory. Because who doesn’t need blue leopard print shorts? (And speaking of leopard print, I really needed new gym sneaks so I just ordered these)


I might need a new pair of jean shorts, and these ones from Gap look perfect. They have a real finished hem (an upgrade from my current cut-off version), and they’re a good wash. Even though I might be pushing the age limit for short shorts, I’ve realized that dressing for my figure means shorts that are 3 or 4 inch inseams. Honest to G**, my muscular quads make longer shorts look awkward.

 Investment Piece:


I saw this in Banana ads but it didn’t register with me how fabulous it was until I saw it in a magazine as well. I love a blush/nude anything and I think it will go with everything. I could definitely use a good spring jacket. I’m keeping my eyes open for a sale or similar alternatives at other stores to make sure I make the best choice!

As we know, my new year’s resolution is to have an efficient wardrobe, so these choices are obvious relatively neutral and timeless (blue leopard is always in season). A few are in my “shopping cart” but I’m doing some comparison shopping and waiting for some sales. We’ll see what makes it home!

What has caught your eye in the stores so far?

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