Hits and Misses

After a flurry of fall shopping (my wallet is currently on lockdown), I need to be honest about what pieces worked and what didn’t. I’m trying my best to get pieces that a. fit correctly (which means going into the dreaded fitting room), and b. the price per wear makes it worth it (i.e. I will wear it a lot, especially if it’s pricier).


This dress from J.Crew is everything! I do not buy a ton of clothing from J.Crew, especially since they’ve recently been getting flack for poor quality. I saw this dress online and in stores, tried it on, and knew I needed it. This will be a workhorse for me because: it’s 3/4 sleeves (cardigan/blazer optional!), machine washable, substantial enough for fall and winter, and a flattering sheath silhouette. I got the blue, but I’m thinking I might keep an eye out for a sale and get the black as well.


My coat game is going to be very strong this year. I did in fact get this Trina Turk jacket from Nordstrom on sale. I love it! It is very flattering, comfortable, and so chic!



I thought this blazer from Ann Taylor would be a go-to, but I was wrong. It was billed as a tweed blazer, but when I got it in the mail, I realized it was more of a flimsy, chunky sweater texture. Plus, it was unlined which made it look rumpled. The fit was also too big and thus unflattering, so it was a no. Sometimes Ann Taylor’s quality leaves something to be desired. No wonder everything is always on sale!

tweed jacket

I love, love, love a white blouse, and I really need a couple fresh white blouses right now. I tried this on in Banana thinking that I was just going through the motions and I would definitely buy it. Not so. It was too long for me, which seems to be a theme for me in Banana lately. I understand wanting some shirts to be long enough to cover your behind, but I would be wearing it primarily tucked into a skirt or pants at work, so the extra length was too much for me. Also, it was pretty sheer and dry clean only. Too many cons to overcome the sale price!


I also returned this white button down from J.Crew. I generally say no to traditional button down shirts, but I have found that a white button down is kind of an essential. I have a couple “perfect shirts” from Ann Taylor, and those seem to fit me well, but I wanted to try another brand to see if there were other options. This one from J.Crew is a really thin fabric that was pretty sheer and just seemed flimsy. The fit was ok, but it was not good enough to overcome the mediocre fabric. The search for white blouses and button downs continues…


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